Fringe Review *** Bark! The Musical ***

BARK! The Musical… How the Little Dog Found His Voice

The show has been brought to the Fringe by Swansong Productions.  There is a small case of actors who all portray the personality of  a dog.  The sotry tells of a Jack Russell pup who can’t find his bark.  He is helped by his friends who are all dogs.  The story was told in music and words and there was lots of laughter and fun.

The characters playing the dogs were based in the park.  There was lots of singing.  One character was dressed in a posh dress and one had a jumpsuit on.  One had a waistcoat and he was a very funny musician, I really loved this character.  There was a pianist playing the music who was great.

I would really recommend the show.  There were some sad bits but most of it was funny.  I won’t tell you the end…but it wasn’t sad!

The seats in the venue are very hard and I would take a cushion!  The venue was very small but it was full of people.  This show is good for families. Everyone stood and clapped at the end.

There is a bar upstairs if you want to have a drink.  There was no interval in the show but it did not feel long.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

***** 5 stars *****

reviewed by Kirsty Henderson

Bark! is on at venue 34 The C Hub on Chambers Street