Fringe Review *** Eowyn Emerald & Dancers ***

In this show, Eowyn Emerald, the choreographer of the show, performed with four other dancers in an intense and creative production.  I found the movement dramatic, emotional, and inspiring.

I also liked the background music played.  It consisted of a mixture of upbeat and relaxing popular tunes.  The excitement and complexity of the performance was increased further by continuous costume changing, use of spotlights, and passionate interactions between dancers.

Some of the content may be too physical for certain audiences.  The staff at the venue were welcoming, but it wasn’t very easy to find and there are a lot of steps so it isn’t completely accessible to everyone.

**** 4 stars ****

reviewed by Amy McCombes

Eowyn Emerald & Dancers is on at Venue 231 Greenside at Royal Terrace