Fringe Review *** Guerilla Aspies ***

Guerilla Aspies Year Four – Autism. Amusement. Conversion.

I could relate to the guy and thought what he said was really powerful. I understood the guy: we come from a similar background. Some people look at autism as a diagnosis, he looks at autism as a part of him. I look at it as a superpower!

He got us to flap our hands. I flap my hands when I am alone because I don’t want people asking me why I do it. Flapping my hands at the show, I felt comfortable in my own skin and that no one was judging me.

From my experience of the show it was worth seeing because it helps people to understand autism better. Autism is unique.

*****5 stars*****

reviewed by Kieran Massey

Guerilla Aspies is on at Venue 151 Laughing Horse @ Bar 50 – The Alcove.