***FRINGE REVIEW*** Guerrilla Aspies – Paul Wady

By Amy McCombes

In this comedy show, Paul Wady discusses how his late diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome affected his life and then goes on to challenge the way media portrays autistic people and attempts defend them.

The venue, Bar 50, was very accessible and Paul Wady welcomed the audience and created a relaxed setting to begin his show. He used a slideshow with images to help explain his thoughts on autism and stereotypes while interacting with his audience by encouraging mimicking of autistic behaviors, provoking reactions and listening to their comments. Although not meeting the stereotypical view of an autistic person, he comes across as a witty, creative, persuasive advocate for autism rights.

I would recommend it to fellow autistic people and people who relate to them or are interested in autism. I would give it four and a half stars as I disagreed with some points said about some obsessions and parents who attempt treat autism.

****1/2 FOUR and a HALF STARS 

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Amy is reviewing on behalf of get2gether, all of our reviewers have lived experience of disability and are reviewing from their unique perspective. Find out more about Amy here.