***FRINGE REVIEW*** Loud Poets – Loud Poets

By Amy McCombes

This show consists of poems about world affairs, strong emotions and relationships between lovers, friends and family members. The Loud Poets, Kevin McLean, Doug Garry, Catherine Wilson, Katie Ailes and guest poet Neil Hilborn explored different ways of communicating messages through visual aids, rap with a background instrumental band, humorous language and recurring themes.

I thought they were very funny, welcoming, brilliant at expressing themselves, and made good use of vocabulary. The poems were on interesting themes that many people can relate to and the music went well with the delivery. However, the poems were hard to follow as they went quite fast, the language wasn’t always easy to understand and I sometimes found the images on the screen distracting. There were also jokes which some people may not find funny and some of the themes were quite distressing. I would recommend it, however, and give it four stars.


Amy is reviewing on behalf of get2gether, all of our reviewers have lived experience of disability and are reviewing from their unique perspective. Find out more about Amy here.