***FRINGE REVIEW*** Mia Daughters of Fortune – Mind the Gap

Review by Amy McCombes

This play explores the discrimination which many learning disabled people face when starting out as a parent and challenges stereotypes concerning disabilities, parenthood, and relationships.

It is a production by Mind the Gap, a theatre company for disabled performers. Four young people with various learning disabilities have come together to perform in a fast moving play using techniques including dance, live camera work, recorded video and audience interaction. The set also changes dramatically with the varying techniques and ideas based on the lived experiences of disabled people.

I found it funny, thought-provoking, and educational; all the actors were talented despite their challenges. However, it was very confusing as it has no traditional plot-line and I think it would have been better if it had focused less on the negatives. Perhaps also it could have gone into more detail on what disabled people, their families and support workers could do to prevent discrimination from social work, hence reducing the large percentage of disabled parents who have their child removed.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the challenges faced by disabled parents and give it four stars.


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Amy is reviewing on behalf of get2gether, all of our reviewers have lived experience of disability and are reviewing from their unique perspective. Find out more about Amy here