*** Fringe Review *** Psychic Conman ***

In this show, magician and  mentalist, Ash Pryce teaches the audience about telekinetic forces, showing them how to move objects with the power of their mind as well as telling the outcome of Zener Cards and reading the minds of others. He also explains the history of these tricks and demonstrates the illusion of psychic surgery.

Although this part was rather gruesome, most of the show was family-friendly and funny. I especially enjoyed watching the telekinetic and mind reading tricks and found learning about the history behind them and about what psychic surgery involves  interested.

Ash Pryce welcomes his audience and strongly encourages participation in many of his tricks but the venue is not entirely accessible and background noise from the bar makes the show harder to hear. However I would still recommend it; it is on everyday except Tuesday until the 25th of August at the Bourbon bar on Frederick Street (venue 333) and part of PBH’s free fringe.

****4.5 stars ****

reviewed by Amy McCombes

Ash Pryce’s website has more details