Fringe Review *** The Time Machine ***

This play was based on a book by H G Wells, originally published in 1895, and to begin with the play and the book are set at that time.  The play was acted by three performers all of whom helped to hold, move, and voice the three puppets.

One of the characters believes that he has invented a time machine and decides to attempt travelling over 1 million years into the future to see what becomes of humankind.  Another character disagrees that this feat is possible, but the time traveller is determined to convince him that this is possible and arrives back in the present with a story to tell.

Although his story may not seem entirely realistic and was hard to follow in some parts, it made me think and I do agree that it is scientifically possible for our society to change the way suggested.

I thought that the puppets were good representations of future human beings and were sometimes funny.  It is a family friendly show and I recommend it.

**** 4 stars ****

reviewed by Amy McCombes

The Time Machine is on at The Scottish Storytelling Centre – The Netherbow Theatre