*** Fringe Review *** Uncanny Things ***

In this show, storyteller Heather Yule told traditional Scottish tales while Alison Bell sang accompanying ballads.

Both musicians play a harp to add atmosphere and allow for a break before the last two stories. I enjoyed the singing and music which also helped involve the audience by encouraging them to sing along in some parts.

I liked that there was a mixture of scary and more cheery stories. Having seen this duo before in the fringe last year, I expected some of the same stories. However, almost all of the stories were unfamiliar to me, and certain events that weren’t fully explained added to an element of mystery.

Despite this, there were gruesome or frightening bits in some of the stories; I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy thrilling tales and are aware that stories of the olden days aren’t always pleasant.

****4.5 stars ****

reviewed by Amy McCombes