***FRINGE REVIEW*** Wild Bore – Soho Theatre and Malthouse Theatre

By Karen Sutherland

Wild Bore, it was definitely wild but certainly not boring! Not really sure how to describe this play! It was basically criticising critics who critique shows and it pokes fun at how serious this business can be.

As someone who has been on both sides of the curtain, it was interesting to see three strong independent women with a brilliant sense humour, owning their own. Having said that there didn’t seem to be a story-line or clear structure but I think that was the point. It invoked reactions and changed the audience’s perception with nonsense, laughter, the grotesque at times and the downright weird. If you’re easily offended as it has swearing nakedness and things that will make you literally cringe. So basically a normal Friday night out in Edinburgh…

All this considered, I loved it. Even on the bus journey home after going for dinner with a friend I was still asking what on earth was that about and if it was meant to be completely random. Furthermore, it left me feeling inspired  and that no matter the show you’re doing whether it be, acting, writing  a review or doing something obscene with a bum face mask (yes, spoiler alert!)  there will be somebody, somewhere ready to criticise you. So you may as well just be you and keep doing it, and it’s okay to do it for no apparent reason –  just as long as you’re being fabulous of course!!

Well done, Zoe Coombs Marr, Ursula Martinez and Adrienne Truscott , it might just be the weirdest show I’ve seen, and be proud of that guys you earned it!

****1/2 FOUR and a HALF STARS

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