***Theatre Review*** Thingummmy Bob – Lung Ha Theatre Company

By Amy McCombes

Thingummybob is about a character named Bob who lives in a care home, is using a wheelchair, and has Dementia. Bob has lost something important to him, but he doesn’t remember what it is or what it looks like- he thinks he left it in his house but his nurse can’t take him there. Bob’s friends, Gemma and Cap, have come to visit him and are trying to think of a plan to help Bob find what he has lost.

In some bits it had a narrative style while in other parts so not much, but it was straightforward to follow all the way through. Acting and background music helped to convey the emotions of the characters, making the story very moving. This made it easy to empathise with them and allowed the sad bits to bring the more cheerful and funny bits. I thought the actors were very suited to their characters in term of abilities and personality traits; having experience of relatives with dementia, I think the acting gave a realistic representation of the condition. I saw the show two years ago and I knew some things had changed but I don’t think the changes made it any less enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it and give it five stars.

***** 5 STARS

Amy is reviewing on behalf of get2gether, all of our reviewers have lived experience of disability and are reviewing from their unique perspective. Find out more about Amy here.