Let’s Talk About Sex

Wanna talk about sex? We do!

It’s been a year and a half of having conversations around everything from masturbation, pleasure, boundaries, consent, touch and initiating conversations with people in your life about your access to sex and sexual identity. 

Sex and sexual expression are a normal part of adult life, but speaking about it can often feel awkward and uncomfortable. Our members were telling us that they wanted to know more about sex and everything around it but didn’t know who to ask.

We’ve been chatting to Crew2000 and Enhance the UK, and in response to this, have developed get2gether’s Let’s Talk About Sex sessions and courses. For our drop-in sessions, we regularly bring in guest speakers and have previously covered topics such as sex toys, online dating, flirting and talking to support staff about sex.

We wanted to create a safe space where members could speak about sex openly; where they could ask questions about it, share ideas with their peers and support each other. We wanted a space that would build individual confidence and promote self-love, as well as give access to knowledge that would help people to make safe choices. 

“This has been invaluable and listening to you all has been wonderful. These sessions have been very healing for me, very cathartic. Just because you identify as asexual, like me, does not mean you can’t talk about sex.”

Alongside the sessions we have filmed Q&A’s, in partnership with Kaz, Sylvia and Alex from Crew2000, you can find them here.

Achievements in 2021 include running a ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ taster session, amongst others such as Love Languages and ‘Live your Life’, at the Scottish Learning Disability Week, with SCLD. We coordinated and participated in the ‘Dating with a Disability’ panel at the Love Abilities festival (with the DJ Collective delivered a stunning afterparty!) We also delivered a workshop at Sex, Drugs and Scotland’s Health in October 2021; find out session here.

We’re really excited for 2022! Will you be joining us to speak about sex? We’re also available to come chat to you and your organisations, please direct any questions to rosy@get2gether.org.uk!

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