Let’s Talk about Sex

The image is the ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ logo. It says ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ and shows two people sitting closely with their hands touching. One person has long dark hair and brown skin. The other person has blonde shorter hair and white skin. They could be kissing or talking and look happy.

Wanna talk about sex? We do!

It’s been 3 YEARS of having conversations around everything from masturbation, pleasure, boundaries, consent, touch and initiating conversations with people in your life about your access to sex and sexual identity. 

Sex and sexual expression are a normal part of adult life, but speaking about it can often feel awkward and uncomfortable. Our members were telling us that they wanted to know more about sex and everything around it but didn’t know who to ask.

Meet our Peer Mentors, Kaz and Mairi

We’ve been chatting to Crew2000, Healthy Respect and Enhance the UK, and in response to this, have developed get2gether’s Let’s Talk About Sex sessions and courses. For our drop-in sessions, we regularly bring in guest speakers and have previously covered topics such as sex toys, online dating, flirting and talking to support staff about sex.

The infographic has the ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ logo at the top. It is June 2021- June 2022

From top left to top right, it says that 90% of participants said it was important to have a safe space to talk about sex.

There were two 6 week courses.

There were Q&A videos recorded as a follow up from sessions

We hosted 9 workshops including Privacy, Porn, Sex Toys, Having better sex, Your first time, Sexual Health and Sex & Relationships are Human Rights.

We asked ‘Why do you want to talk about Sex?’ 40% said ‘I want to learn from my community’, 50% said ‘I have questions and I want answers’ and 10% said ‘I want to tell my story

We presented at two panels, Love Abilities and Sex, Drugs & Scotland’s Health

Our next course begins September 2022 and for more information, please contact office@get2gether.org.uk.

“This has been invaluable and listening to you all has been wonderful. These sessions have been very healing for me, very cathartic. Just because you identify as asexual, like me, does not mean you can’t talk about sex.”

Will you be joining us to speak about sex? We’re also available to come chat to you and your organisations, please direct any questions to rosy@get2gether.org.uk!

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