Community partnerships

get2gether loves being out and about in the community, whether it’s enjoying National Museum of Scotland, rummaging around in Out of the Blue Drill Hall, supporting Lung-Ha Theatre Company or accessing Artlink’s workshops. People with disabilities deserve to be at the heart of the action, the forefront of the activity.

Our Club Nights

Our flagship Club Nights have always been at the heart of get2gether. We’ve loved hosting our new club nights at ATIK 2015 – 2023 and then HYPE ! We are currently looking for a new venue – please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Our bimonthly club nights provide opportunities for our members to socialise, dance, flirt and enjoy music from our wonderful DJ Feel Good Collective (get2gether’s resident DJs with lived experience of disabilities). So often people with disabilities are left out of adult events and conversations. This is why get2gether’s adult-to-adult approach and club nights are so important for recognising our membership as the independent adults they are.

Keep up to date with what’s coming up in 2023 or email with any questions!

Karaoke Disco

We love our karaoke discos hosted across Edinburgh & The Lothians – notably Gorgie Social Club, Craigmillar Hearts Club and Wallyford Miners Welfare Society & Social Club.

Test Yourself Tuesday – Goose Quizzes

Many of our get2gether members adore a quiz!

After the success of our online ‘Test Yourself Tuesday’ zoom quizzes, we decided that it was finally time to step out from the screen and attend some pub quizzes in person. Whilst we still have still continued supplying online ‘TYTs’, we have also formed a partnership with Goose Quizzes.

One of the venues is Hector’s, Stockbridge. Hector’s hosts Pub Quizzes each Tuesday. They supply a range of rounds, each on different topics, so there’s bound to be something for everyone! They have accommodated to our accessibility requirements and are great at supplying quizzes, laughs and drinks.

Want to find out more about our online and in person Test Yourself Tuesdays? Contact

Botanics Cottage

Our newest partnership is in the heart of beautiful Botanics! We enjoyed a Mindfulness walk there in the summer 2022 and returned in November for a Winter Wonderland walk and John’s Laughter Yoga in March 2023! Our Live your Life course is currently at The Cottage at the Botanics.

Find out more by emailing


get2gether’s very own ‘Space Gang’ emerged as an interest group within our community. Once we’d identified the demand for space-related events, we made strides in establishing community partnerships that would enable members to have fun, accessible and affordable events both online and in person where they could learn more about the things that interest them.

In 2022, we were proud holders of the Dynamic Earth Community Pass. Thanks to Dynamic Earth’s time and generosity, we have held a variety of events such as Rocket Workshops, Planetarium screenings, talks from Spacemen and many more!

We are also delighted to have a partnership with The Royal Observatory Edinburgh. During the pandemic, The Royal Observatory co-hosted ‘Armchair Astronomy’ events with us on space-related topics, chosen by our membership. We were welcomed to The Royal Observatory for an accessible tour and ‘One Year of Space Gang’ celebration.

You can find out more about Space Gang through our ambassadors or

Read more about space gang here.

Movie Nights

Thanks to the generosity of the Edinburgh Filmhouse and commitment to Community Partnerships, we were able to attend ‘Movie Monday’s at the Edinburgh Filmhouse once a month from Nov 2021 until Oct 2022. Accessible and affordable trips to The Filmhouse have been invaluable to our membership, thank you so much!

March 2023, we joined Grassmarket for their Community Cinema – free, affordable and accessible cinema. See Grassmarket’s website for more info!

Bridgend Farmhouse

We felt so welcomed by Bridgend Farmhouse who put on a beautiful afternoon tea for us in summer 2022. We love the community based work this group are doing in South Edinburgh – join Bridgend’s Community Dinners, Wednesday 5-6pm and board games after. Keep up to date with Bridgend on their website or Facebook!

Space @ The Broomhouse

We’ve visited this great space several times, each time enjoying the space and community vibes. Let us know if you go back and enjoy the Space’s community vibes and great cafe soon – or order pizza! We hear it’s out of this world!

Reluctant Penguin

The Reluctant Penguin Productions – known as The Reluctant Penguin Film Productions on Youtube – is a learning disability led Youtube channel that started out to promote performers with a disability. It is considered a versatile channel featuring Scottish talent and films.

Led by get2gether ambassador Emma, the group has been running since 2017 and aims to contuine showcasing get2gether’s work while also also showcasing talent and film created by people with learning disabilities.

It is also get2gether’s go to channel to promote their work as many of it’s co-founders are get2gether members. You can Let’s Talk about Sex playlists as well as info about our AGMs, tutorials and zoom events.

Rosie Jones

In 2020 we bagged Rosie Jones as our patron! We loved her performance at Friday Funnies and at our AGM and since then we’ve kept in touch as Rosie has been busy on Casualty, writing a book and doing big tours. But she still had enough time to wish us a Happy 10 year Anniversary!

Leo Paredes Photography

We love working with Leo! He is a thoughtful, talented photographer who really sees people and takes the time to capture beautiful photographs. Catch him at one of our events soon!

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