Monday Magic meetings

At ‘Monday Magic’ get2gether members are encouraged to suggest and take the lead in the events for the coming week on our moderated Facebook group. It can lead into all sorts of exciting projects, zoom events and partnerships. We often have guest speakers drop in to talk about their exciting projects.

Over the last year we have seen increased attendance, ownership and involvement from our membership, thanks to the weekly planning ‘Monday Magic’ meeting , which is open to all get2gether members. This has been an incredibly successful way to stay connected to the membership during the pandemic and create the environment of opportunity online that get2gether was previously providing in the community.

Monday Magic is where all the skillshare happens! Our member Aaron had the fantastic idea of providing a space for members to share their skills. Aaron believes that a skillshare is  “a chance to come along to share and learn from other members. The benefits are that the members can share their wisdom using their leadership skills and further their knowledge from other members.” 

Monday Magic is also the place to get involved in all the planning, from festivals, club nights to important dates in your diary. It’s a great chance to meet new people, build your skillset, develop your social media voice as well as having a really good laugh!

Monday Magic is held every Monday 2-3pm on zoom. Contact for the link!

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