Our Office Team


Pronouns? She/her

Who are you: Project Manager

Your role?  I oversee everything

Your passion projects? Funnies, films and fashion



Pronouns? She/her

Who are you? The administrator

Your role? Keeping the wheels turning and the plates spinning!

Your passion projects? Family, friends, my garden and a fairer, kinder world.



Pronouns? She/her

Who are you? I am someone passionate about the disability rights movement and the fundamental importance of our transformative adult-to-adult approach

Your role? Events Coordinator. I work with get2gether’s staff team and members to co-create a fun and exciting events programme  as well as create content for printed media (newsletter), social media and our website.

Your passion projects? I am interested in personal development, environmental issues and collaborative ways of working within diverse communities. The project I am proud of is Becoming Visible campaign!



Pronouns? She/her

Who are you? I’m one of two Events Coordinators 

Your role? I also coordinate the Let’s Talk about Sex program and work closely with our DJ team, The Feel Good DJ Collective. I also work with our members and our communities. Got an idea? Let’s make it happen!  

Your passion projects? Anything LGBTQ+ and/or talking about sex!



Pronouns: She/Her

Who you are: I am someone who is really interested in people. I love getting to understand how different people learn and develop, and finding ways to support this.

Your role: I do lots of different things at get2gether, but one of my main roles is developing and facilitating the courses. 

Your passion projects: The Live Your Life Course has been my passion project, collecting together and making accessible tools for wellbeing and personal development so that adults with disabilities can become more self-determined and live life the way they want.


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