Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are people with lived experience of disability who work alongside office team, peer mentors and members in a range of ways. They work together and with members to organise and host online events, and pre covid19, and in person events.

Our Ambassadors now work online, using social media platforms and using technology to answer emails, use google calendar, zoom and google documents. Ambassadors and sessional workers lead the majority of our in-person events.

Ambassadors facilitate meetings and trainings as well as being peer mentors on our courses, Live your Life and Let’s Talk about Sex.

They participate in outreach work such as writing papers and delivering presentations.


Natalie (they/them) hosts and facilitates events online and in person for adults with disabilities. Natalie’s passion for disability justice, neurodiversity awareness and LGBTQ+ rights has given them a powerful social awareness in the community. Their ‘why not?’ attitude has enabled them to challenge their fear of travel and change and step outside their comfort zone. In their words, “I want to prove to myself that I can do these things and to prove to other people that I am capable.”. Natalie is also an avid Buffy and Supernatural fan and enjoys creative pursuits, such as drawing.



Emma (she/they) joined as a member in 2017 to document get2gether’s work. She took on the role of Ambassador in 2022 as her first full time work. She is an actor, filmmaker and musician with a love of history, wrestling and fish and chips. She is a Christian with ties to the Salvation Army and Emma believes that disabled people’s voices are often sidelined or ignored and feels it is important to campaign for the rights of others.. She enjoys ice cream and sausages for breakfast. Emma runs the Disability-led Youtube channel “The Reluctant Penguin Film Productions” which features many get2gether’s events and members. Emma feels it is important to document the lives of the disabled to preserve a history that is often ignored. As a performer, she feels her presence on stage should be a declaration of “I have a right to be here” – as should any disabled person’s feelings when going to shops, club nights, restaurants, cinemas, etc. Especially restaurants – that is where the food is.



Stephan (he/him) is get2gether’s longest resident DJ and also our digital ambassador. This is a role which he really enjoys, helping members connect online with their friends and making new ones. He also helps members improve their online skills too through video tutorials and skill shares. He loves meeting new people and is fun and energetic to be around. Stephan DJs at our wild nights in and also represents get2gether at other organisations including Stay Up Late and the VIAS assembly.

Stephan has enjoyed our pop up events an being part of a great team. He says it’s safe to say ‘I LOVE MY JOB and working with fantastic people’.


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