get2gether’s Karaoke Discos!

get2gether’s Karaoke Discos!

In preparation for get2gether’s Karaoke Disco this Friday, we interviewed 4 members to get all of the Karaoke Disco chat! Wanting a fun night out this Friday? Come and join us from 7pm-11pm at Craigmillar Hearts Club for some great tunes, dancing, drinks and more! Tickets are £5 on the door and carers go free.

Whats your favourite thing about get2gether Karaoke Discos?

Katrina: I love being able to help members that maybe need help sing because sometimes they don’t always feel confident doing it themselves so they ask if someone can sing a song with them. I helped Tracey sing the last time to help with reading the lyrics. I love being able to sing and hearing other members sing.

David P: My favourite thing about Karaoke Discos is coming out seeing people I have known for a long time and/or meeting new people, as well as going out for a dance, and going out to venues I would never have known existed in the days before get2gether.

Keith: My favourite thing would have to be going along and listening to other members sing.

Colin: My favourite thing about get2gether Karaoke Discos is the fact that we can socialise with one another and have a good time – and get up and sing, obviously! I’m not one to shy away from the microphone, haha.

From left to right, Tracey and Katrina singing at the Karaoke Disco, 22nd July 2022

How did you find the last get2gether Karaoke Disco?

Katrina: I really enjoyed it, it was the first Karaoke Disco that we’ve had since lockdown and it was nice to chill out and have great nice singing tunes and everyone seemed to be having a good night and no doubt that will be the same at Hearts social club next week.

David P: The last Karaoke Disco with get2gether meant so much, to me as it was the first one we had had in 2 and a half years, it was also very interesting to me to see how different or similar it looked to when get2gether had a Karaoke at the same place, when it was still the Prison Officers Club a few years ago.

Keith: It went well! My favourite part was speaking to other members and listening to the music.

Colin: The last Karaoke Disco at Gorgie Social Club was absolutely brilliant and I enjoyed every last minute of it and I’m looking forward to the next one at Craigmillar. It was brilliant to get back into the swing of things with Karaoke and socialising with people again, the fact that we didn’t have it for two years was difficult so it’s been good having it make a comeback!

Member David P at a get2gether Karaoke Disco, November 2018

What are your go-to Karaoke Disco songs to sing?

Katrina: I love singing ‘Simply The Best’ because that’s what I feel sums up get2gether. I also love ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and like singing it with a bunch of other girls at Karaoke Disco! I also really like any songs by Westlife. One time I sang a P!nk song ‘Get The Party Started’ which was the first song of the night and kicked off the Karaoke Disco party!

David P: I have a taste of music in all sorts of areas, but will not be getting up and singing, as I am not very good at singing.

Keith: No singing for me! But I’m excited to listen to everyone else sing. 

Colin: My favourite is James’s ‘Sit Down’, but I do have a few other numbers I like to pull out now and again like ‘Nightshift’ by Commodores which I’ve not done for ages actually. Then there’s also U2 ‘Beautiful Day’.

Ambassadors Katrina and Stephan, Sessional Staff Colin and members at get2gether Karaoke Disco, Gorgie Social Club, 22nd July 2022

What song will you be singing at the Karaoke Disco this Friday?

Katrina: Because it’s also a Goodbye Party for me and chance for members to say goodbye to me as a get2gether Ambassador, I will be singing ‘Reach For The Stars’ by S Club 7 because I feel like that song is significant for me in my journey and I want members to be inspired by myself and to see that they can follow their dreams too and ‘reach for the stars’.

Colin: I’m going to do James’s ‘Sit Down’ again because that’s one of my favourites. I think I’m going to also sing ‘No Woman, No Cry’, either the Bob Marley version or the Boney M version, I’m not sure yet.

Ambassador Katrina at get2gether Karaoke Disco, September 2018.

Why are get2gether big nights out like ATIK club nights and Karaoke Discos important to you?

Katrina: It means you get to go out and have fun and chill with your friends and have a few drinks, it’s really good. I’m looking forward to the next ATIK, I’m going to be wearing an orange sparkly pumpkin dress and I’ve got a sparkly pumpkin bag to go with it and a light-up pumpkin headband. The Karaoke Discos are always great. Some of the members who don’t come to ATIK because it’s a bit noisy for them prefer the Karaoke Discos. I love both of these events and they are always my favourite events of the year with get2gether because you are always certain to have a great night.

David: get2gether events nights out are so important to me, as it makes me feel like I have a social life with people who I would otherwise feel do not exsist in my life, whenever you go out and see people weather you have seen them before whether frequently or occasionally, or just met them you will feel that you have never lost touch with the people, the only times it felt like you had was for 2 years during the pandemic, it was agonising waiting for the day when it started again, until it happened, as soon as you were back it felt like your social life had never gone away, but until that moment it was very depressing, apart from a world war or a venue been bombed or destroyed by fire, there really could not have been a more unkind way to have had the freedom that is so important to you, and that you rightly deserve to have taken away from you, even when I have been through difficult times, been out of work, and coping with my Mums accident a few years ago, before you had anything to do with get2gether going out and having a great time always cheered me up and took my mind off things, however brief that might be.

Keith: They’re important to me because I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy listening to music and hearing people sing and seeing other members enjoying themselves.

Colin: They’re important to me for getting out to socialise and just getting involved with other members in the get2gether community as well which is brilliant. It helps us get out of the house too so instead of being stuck in twiddling my thumbs and fingers having nothing to do!

Member Keith at get2gether’s Karaoke Disco, Gorgie Social Club, 22nd July 2022

See you at Craigmillar Hearts Club this Friday from 7pm-11pm for our Karaoke Disco! We look forward to seeing you and hearing your Karaoke songs!

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