Month: June 2021

July Cover Story: Shaun is back at work!

On the cover this month is Shaun! Shaun is happy to be back at his work. He is working at IKEA Edinburgh and he hopes that with things slowly getting back to normal, he will be able to go for big nights out again. Here is Shaun’s blog! Do you want to introduce yourself to…
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The launch of the DJ Feel Good Collective!

Five DJs, five styles, five stories get2gether, a charity in Edinburgh, is delighted to announce the launch of their DJ FEEL GOOD COLLECTIVE, who are here to woo you. You can book them for your organisation’s special event and, for a limited time period – for free! These five DJs all have lived experience of…
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We’re recruiting!

We’re looking for a new director. Details are over on Goodmoves, come and join us!

Kirsty’s Skydive

Within seconds of leaving the aeroplane, Kirsty entered a state known as terminal velocity. Terminal velocity itself sounds scary, but it’s an awesome feeling because you don’t feel like you’re falling. Here is Kirsty’s story of her recent skydive! Q: Do you want to tell us a bit more about yourself and how long have…
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