get2gether Takes Strides Towards Inclusion at the Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2024

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

20th June 2024 

get2gether, a small Edinburgh-based charity working to reduce social isolation, and increase the emotional resilience and self-determination of adults with disabilities, is excited to announce its participation in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2024. This event brings together people from all forms of walks of life to raise funds for the organisation’s retainment, and get2gether aims to secure vital resources to continue its mission of providing social and educational opportunities for adults with disabilities (get2gether’s members).

In light of the challenging fundraising landscape, especially for small charities like get2gether, we humbly request your support and generosity to sustain our vital programmes and initiatives, ensuring we can continue our mission of providing opportunities for love and friendship among get2gether members and transformational change that brings to people’s lives. 

The Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2024 Route

get2gether invites everyone to participate in the Wee Wander, the shortest walk of the Kiltwalk. Whether you’re a seasoned walker or a first-timer, the Wee Wander promises a delightful experience for the whole family. Even your furry friends can join in the fun! 

Here are the details:

Event: Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2024

Date: September 15, 2024

Distance: 5 miles

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Start Time: 11:00 AM
Registration Link: CLICK HERE

How You Can Support – get2gether encourages members, supporters and friends, as well as, businesses and other parties  to get involved in several ways:

  1. Register for the Kiltwalk: Sign up for the Wee Wander and select get2gether as your chosen charity. Your participation will directly contribute to our cause.
  2. Spread the Word: Help raise awareness by sharing information about the Edinburgh Kiltwalk and get2gether’s mission. Use social media, email, or word of mouth to encourage others to participate or donate.
  3. Corporate Sponsorship: If your organisation can support charitable initiatives, consider sponsoring get2gether’s Kiltwalk efforts. Your contribution will make a significant impact.
  4. Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to assist with event logistics, fundraising, or promotion. Contact get2gether to explore volunteer opportunities.

A message from the get2gether Director

“We believe that every step taken at the Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2024 is a stride towards a more inclusive and supportive world,” says Mojca, Director of get2gether. “Our participation in this event is not just about raising funds, which are essential for keeping our organization afloat, but also about community action and raising awareness about our work together with our members and promoting social inclusion for adults of all abilities. Every donation helps ensure we can continue our vital work and make a lasting impact.”

A message from a get2gether Ambassador:

“My life is a 100% changed in so many amazing ways since joining get2gether. Before I was stuck in a pretty lonely and confusing isolated life, not leaving the house or even travelling outside of Glasgow for 6 years. Since joining in July 2021, I have been able to achieve some huge achievements in my life which I never thought was possible for me. From my first job interview to my role as Ambassador, travelling for the first time independently and now on a regular basis to learning about sex, sexuality, relationships and gender, I now have supportive community around me where I’m seen as a whole person. get2gether gave me a safe space to learn who I am and recognise my worth” Ambassador Natalie  

Contact Information 

For further details or media inquiries, please reach out to:

Follow get2gether on social media:

Twitter: @get2getheredin

Facebook: get2gether

get2gether looks forward to a successful Kiltwalk and appreciates the support of our wider community. With your support, we remain committed to promoting social inclusion for every individual, regardless of their ability, is valued and has opportunities to lead their best life.

About get2gether 

get2gether is a registered charity that promotes social opportunities for love and friendship for adults with disabilities. Through a variety of events, workshops, and courses, get2gether fosters social connections, builds members’ confidence and celebrates diversity. 

Learn more at get2gether.org.uk.

Note to Editors High-resolution images and additional information are available upon request.

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