July cover story!

July cover story!

What’s happening at get2gether across the summer?

July is FULL with events that will have you out and about across Edinburgh with your friends – including drinks, coffee, carnival, picnics, accessible cycling and botanics! Why is July such a good month to get involved? Well, it’s warmer! Yes, lots of sunshine and yes, lots of rain but all with a warm breeze so it makes for a great month to grab your bus pass, an anorak and come and join the gang.

29th July until 4th August is set to be our exciting Summer Hangs week! What are Summer Hangs? Summer Hangs are a week when get2gether takes a step back and encourages members to organise your own meet ups across Scotland. Look at the difference in members going to Glasgow in 2022 and 2023!

Glasgow Summer Hang – 2022
Glasgow Summer Hang – 2023

Where are members going this year? No spoilers I’m afraid, keep an eye out for August’s magazine!

We released a spoiler yesterday on Thursday 6th June – have you heard the news? Our official announcement will be 20th June – keep an eye on the website as there are so many ways to get involved and out and about!

We asked members what travelling to events means to them and how important is having access to a good accessible transport and free bus pass and they said: 

“I go exploring on my own because of my bus pass. It is my freedom” Michelle

“I like to socialise and meet up with my friends. If it wasn’t for me having a bus pass I would be stuck in house isolated and lonely” – Katrina  

“Being out and about means I’m living basically”  – Isla 

“I have met many get2gether friends in Edinburgh from travelling on buses. Long may we have free travel for adults with disabilities…!” Andrew

Will you join us for an event or a Summer Hang in July? With so many to choose from across Edinburgh and the Lothians, we can’t wait to see you! 

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