The launch of the DJ Feel Good Collective!

The launch of the DJ Feel Good Collective!

Five DJs, five styles, five stories

get2gether, a charity in Edinburgh, is delighted to announce the launch of their DJ FEEL GOOD COLLECTIVE, who are here to woo you. You can book them for your organisation’s special event and, for a limited time period – for free!

These five DJs all have lived experience of a disability which is a celebrated part of their identity. The aim of the DJ Feel Good Collective campaign is to showcase the amazing work these DJs are doing, not despite their disabilities but because of their talent and commitment to the craft of producing fantastic entertainment. 

get2gether’s DJs are always a sensational addition to any event whether it was our club nights at Edinburgh’s ATIK or our online Wild Night In where they entertain people into the night. ATIK manager Mark Cameron said “I definitely feel the DJs help to ensure that the dancefloor is always full and jumpin all night long. Everyone enjoys the amazing atmosphere created by the DJ Collective so much, which ensures the crowds return again and again”. 

During the periods of lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the DJs have relocated online and DJ’d at many online community events, bringing happiness and club music to people’s living rooms. get2gether changed its offer to a completely digital service which saw a remarkable increase in the use, technical ability and enjoyment of the virtual world by the members, proving that in fact people with disabilities are just as, if not more, capable of learning new skills and adjusting to life’s unpredictable rhythm. 

DJing has offered these DJs opportunities to really shine. The collective consists of DJ Andy Nae Ice, DJ Coffee, DJ Dylan, DJ R Project and DJGold S, all of whom are club and radio experienced DJs. From Motown, chill vibe, bhangra to latino, there is abundance of choice amongst these five stars. Recently the DJs performed at the SCLD learning disability Stay Up Late afterparty which finished at 4am.

Stephan Tait, DJGold S and Digital Ambassador at get2gether, said that “having the ability to connect with get2gether members via zoom has been fantastic, especially members that are joining from further afield in Glasgow or Wales. It gives our members the chance to continue to connect and engage. Plus there’s no cut offs or early bedtimes because we’re in our own homes.” For a community plagued by both support restrictions or accessibility issues, online events have opened up new worlds of opportunity. 

get2gether’s DJs are all employed on sessional contracts and paid for the work and preparation that they carry out. They facilitate DJ masterclasses, inspiring other members to have greater ambition for their lives and pursue their dreams.  One participant said “I liked the masterclass a lot, totally brilliant – the DJs clearly know what they’re talking about.” 

Marion Smith, Project Manager at get2gether said “Adults with disabilities, particularly learning disabilities, are often not encouraged to live a fully authentic adult life. Expectations are generally low, with employment opportunities virtually non-existent which is why I am delighted that the five DJs are getting the recognition they deserve.” 

Over the next couple of months, get2gether will be following the DJ Feel Good Collective and their exciting new campaign which offers organisations, businesses and corporations free hire of one of their DJs (terms and conditions apply!). This offer looks to showcase these fantastic DJs and project their names and talents into the mainstream. 

For more information, please contact or follow get2gether and the Feel Good DJ collective on social media!

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