Welcome new members!

Shaun: Hello, my name is Shaun. Welcome to get2gether.

Andrew: You’re seeing this video because you’ve decided to join get2gether. You will really not regret it. There’s so much going on. We’ll take the best of care of you, and you never know, you may be able to help us with things. Please be very happy because we’re very happy to have you.

Mairi: Hi new members of get2gether. This is Mystic Mairi coming to you to tell you that you are so welcome.

Chirs, DJ Fireball: Hi there, I would like to welcome everyone, new members to get2gether. My name is Chris, aka DJ Fireball.

Katrina: This Katrina, Ambassador of get2gether. I would like to welcome you to get2gether. And I hope you have fun.

Tracey: Hi, I’m Tracey, please join us! It’s fantastic.

Stephan: My name is Stephan Tait and I am your digital ambassador at get2gether, plus one of your resident DJs. I would like to welcome each and everyone of you to get2gether! Come on in guys and enjoy the fun and frolics!

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