Andrew’s Blog: Step Out Of Comfort Zone

When I was growing up my schooling was not as it should be, due to my illness. I was a quiet, shy, reserved lad. My physical ability was worse than it is today. I could not get up myself, I could not bend to dress, I had a leg brace and many other difficulties.

Once I thought volunteering was my potential and making that step out of the comfort zone was scary, even worrying but what you can gain is well worth the fear!

Katrina’s blog on her Ambassador Job

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of being an Ambassador for 2 years. I have made the job my own. I’m really proud of talking about Self-determination recently this year at the Scottish Parliament. Can you tell us how your Ambassador role has changed? My role as an Ambassador has changed…
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Lauren’s Better Days

Lauren is one of our members that loves a good night out. If you have been to our big nights out, then you might have met her. She is also running a group called Better Days and you might want to go check it out sometimes! What is Better Days and how did it start?…
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Justin’s Blog

I am proud to say that I have come this far in my life. I have achieved and challenged myself to try new things. From controlling my anxiety, stress levels and being more independent, to come along to social events. I joined get2gether about a year ago and it made a big difference in my…
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See you next year! – A blog post from our Development Officer

Hi! I’m Clare the Project and Development Officer for get2gether. I wanted to write a blog to update you all on the work I have been doing and let you know that I am heading off on maternity leave to have a baby! Hopefully you will all be aware of the work that we did…
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