Cover story: Rosie Jones, our patron!

On the cover this month is Rosie Jones! Our members have asked Rosie if she would like to be a patron of get2gether – and she said yes! So, here is Rosie’s blog! “Even though it’s been about six weeks since I did the first ever Friday Funnies for Get2gether, I still have the widest…
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Red and pink image lists what is important to our members including new friends, family, work and connection

Six months of get2gether at home facebook group!

Slowly but surely, we’ve built an empire! Or rather you, our members have built an empire, and coordinators have, as usual, been led by you!  Six months of weekly meetings have produced 24 weeks of quizzes, activities, work outs, singing, dancing and have led into partnerships, friendships and zoom events. Many of our members have…
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Live Your Life Course starts in a month!

Hi everyone! What a year this is turning out to be! So much change and so many restrictions. This doesn’t mean that life has to stop though or that you have to stop reaching for your dreams. In fact you could use the extra time that you now have to think about what you really…
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Mindfulness on Zoom

On Monday, 28th September get2gether is hosting a mindfulness morning event with Steve from Change Therapy. The event is open to all of get2gether members – to sign up, email Steve from Change Therapy believes that Mindfulness Meditation can offer ways to cope with anxiety during and after COVID-19. Here is Steve’s Guest Blog…
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An update from our Digital Ambassador

Hey guys, it’s Stephan, your Digital Ambassador. It has been a busy couple of months and I am loving it and getting to know you all on Facebook and Zoom too.  First and foremost welcome to all our new members. It’s great to see so many new people joining get2gether and I hope that you…
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