New Ambassador Karen

New Ambassador Karen

get2gether has recently appointed two new Ambassadors, we’ve caught up with Karen to learn more about her role

g2g: Congratulations, Karen, you are one of get2gether’s new Ambassadors. Tell us, why did you apply for this role?

Karen Sutherland, Ambassador

Karen Sutherland, Ambassador

I wanted to apply for the Ambassador role as I really enjoyed being part of get2gether and I wanted to expand on the work I had done the year before.

g2g: So, you were an Ambassador before, what did you enjoy most about this role?

I liked hosting the Meet your Ambassador events and I got to know people on an individual basis.  I also noticed, that I have the confidence to go out there and  do things for myself  …

g2g: You were hosting your own events without get2gether staff present, can you tell us more about your events?

I hosted a few events, meeting for coffee, a trip to the cinema, out for a meal, and linking with another Ambassador for a buffet –  for some reason food is always a winner – I can’t think why 😛

g2g: How did it feel being an events host?

To be honest, the first few events made me feel really anxious, as I worried that something goes wrong or nobody showed up. But the more events I did the more relaxed and positive I became about the next ones.

Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch

g2g: Did you encounter any challenges?

The main challenges were trusting myself that I could do this and keeping myself calm when dealing with groups (the group bill was something I worried about, but I learned to be clear with people from the start that they had to ensure they had the right money and were responsible for paying for their own food etc.).
I think I have learnt a lot about myself by doing these events and what support I need, and where it is appropriate to ask others to help you out with this.

g2g: What are your hopes for this role?

To continue to grow in confidence and get involved in more of the running of what you guys (the members) want to do. To take on more responsibilities in order for get2gether to branch out across Scotland and make more fun and memories for people to look back on and smile.
And to spread the word more about what get2gether does so that everyone can have the opportunity to go and live the life they want.

g2g: Do you already have a to-do list? What are you planning to do first?

Firstly, to finish the Buggy Off film which I have been working on with get2gether. After that I am not quite sure.

g2g: And finally: what are your hopes for get2gether?

My hopes are that get2gether continues to grow, I hope that members get to make their own short films, and take part in things they want to and that the Ambassador’s role continues and that more and more disabled people get the chance to have paid employment.

Thank you so much Karen, for this interview, and good luck with your new job!