“When I’m DJing, it’s great to see loads of people dancing and enjoying themselves. It feels brilliant and I feel energised”

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi I’m Colin, get2gether’s newest DJ. I volunteer on East Coast FM twice a week and I love it! I also work in a bakery part time, I start at the crack of dawn making produce and serving customers. 

Tell us about the start of your DJ career?

I started off DJing for sound and vision discos many years back and then went on to Lasertech Disco & Karaoke. Then one day my friend Ian Roberston, manager of Eastcoast FM, asked if I would like to get involved in radio presenting. I have been at Eastcoast fm for 3 years now and I love it! It’s really helped my confidence and communication skills. 

What do you do at East Coast FM?

I started as a trainee producer, now I do my own show at lunchtime. Before starting, I handpick my music. Listeners can text in and ask for a song and we adjust the order. My favourite thing about the radio has to be the banter between the listener and myself. 

DJ Master & auditioned and now doing your own events – how has the experience been?

It’s been a great experience. When I DJ’d for the first wild night in, I was nervous, but I smashed it with flying colors. My motown event went really well,  and it’s all about practicing and settling those nerves. Practice makes perfect! I just pictured myself and said ‘you got this!’

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

I’m going to be a bit rogue and say – Kylie Monogue because she’s a diva! Her music style is more poppy which I appreciate. She’s got so much stamina and she just keeps going. DJ wise, I like DJ Tiesto cause he plays a lot of trance music and I think he puts on an excellent set. 

What does the DJ Feel Good Collective and being a DJ mean to you?

The Feel Good Collective means I can aim for a big break! Being a DJ means I have lots of skills I can offer to other people. I love working with and helping people, for example at DJ Masterclass. One of my favourite things about DJing is the requests from people, interacting with people. I love when it brings back memories for people. 

What are your hopes for the future? 
I would like to go into commercial radio or win an award for music, a Motown award ideally! Aiming big, I would love to become a superstar DJ in a big nightclub playing many great tunes. I would also like to continue to work on my youtube and Twitch channels and keep growing my brand.

Catch DJ Coffee at East Coast FM on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 – 3pm!

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