August Cover Story

August Cover Story

For our August cover story, we have get2gether members, and frequent pop-up attendees: Shaun, Mairi and Keith. We had the pleasure of talking to them about everything ‘Pop-Up’ related! Want to hear more about get2gether in person pop-ups? Read on for the full scoop!

How did you discover get2gether? How long have you been a member of get2gether?

Shaun: I discovered through my friend who was already a member and going to events. He invited me to come along and I was quite shy about it but then kept coming back and getting more confident about going. I think I’ve been a member for a few years but can’t remember precisely!

Mairi: I joined get2gether when it was called ‘Dates N Mates’ just before 2013. At The Cavendish (now called ATIK) we had a big opening night disco and that’s where we named it get2gether. I’ve been here for nearly 10 years and it’s been a fantastic organization and I love it.

Keith: I originally found out about get2gether through my ex partner. She’s the one that took me along to the ATIK one night and since then I just enjoyed being a part of it and kept coming back! I think I’ve been a member for about 4 or 5 years now.

Member (and get2gether staff member) Mairi at the 2 Years of Let’s Talk About Sex Celebration, 29/06/2022

You’ve all attended our Space Gang trips to Dynamic Earth. What are your favourite things about these trips?

Shaun: I love the films they show there! It’s such a cool cinema, it’s a dome! I like all the chat with folk over a coffee after and hearing Stefan share all the cool stuff he knows about space.

Mairi: That I get to see people in person! We’re still respectful of covid and people can wear masks if they wish and hand sanitiser is provided. Getting to do interactive things, see things, learn things, and learn more about space and the universe which I absolutely love. Also getting to see people I’ve met online in real life!

Keith: Learning about space! It’s more special learning about space in person than online. My favourite trip to Dynamic Earth was creating a rocket at the Rockets Workshop, I find it fascinating.

Member Keith at the Games Night pop-up, 2/06/2022

What pop-ups do you want to see more of? Do you have any ideas for future get2gether pop-ups?

Shaun: I really like the thoughts and feelings in person because we can just have chats and catch up over coffee, so it is very relaxed. I am looking forward to our quiz ones as well!

Mairi: It’s been great that we’re doing more stuff outside, weather permitting. People are a bit more comfortable being in an open outdoor space. I think we should do some more museum, galleries and theatre trips too because there’s more space to move about in. The great thing about Pop-Ups is that several of my colleagues at get2gether have been suggesting their ideas to me and we’ve been bouncing ideas off of one another. We were thinking of doing a Museum Mystery/ Scavenger hunt, as suggested by my colleague Natalie. That’s the great thing about get2gether, it’s very collaborative.

Keith: Definitely more space gang trips, definitely more pool. I’d like to have a pop-up at the National Museum of Flight, I think people would really enjoy that.

Do you have any advice for get2gether members who are interested in attending pop-ups but are a bit nervous?

Shaun: Everyone is very welcoming and friendly…I remember how it felt, so come sit with me! You can pop in and come and go as you please so do what keeps you comfortable, everyone is understanding.

Mairi: Don’t be nervous! Contact Ella via email or phone. If you’re wanting to wear a mask, please do, if that makes you more comfortable. You can also wear your exemption lanyard and autism awareness lanyard to make sure people don’t come up and touch you. We’ll be keeping within the guidelines so don’t worry about physical contact, we take all the precautions and it’s also so much fun! We get to get out, see people, and we will keep you safe. Please bring cash and card and make sure you have your keys, phone, and anything else you need on you. Most importantly – have fun!

Keith: Relax, take a deep breath and focus on enjoying yourself!

Member Shaun at Space Gang’s Dynamic Earth pop-up, 20/05/2022

Will we be seeing you at future pop-ups in the next couple of months?

Shaun: Oh yes!!! Most definitely! Looking forward to them all, and have got myself signed up already.

Mairi: Oh definitely! End of June/ July/ August you’ll be seeing a lot of me.

Keith: Oh yes! I’ve never been to a pop-up I didn’t enjoy. And looking forward to bigger events like the Karaoke Disco coming up too!

Interested in coming along to some of our Pop-Up events? Contact or for more info!

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