Member Monday – John G

Member Monday – John G

For this Member Monday, we chatted to member John G. John is celebrating one whole year of being a member of get2gether! He chatted to us about all things ‘get2gether’ and what the future looks like! Congrats on one year of membership John, we’re delighted to have you on board.

Who are you? How did you join get2gether?

My name is John Gallon, I am from Nairn in the Highlands. Some of my friends told me about get2gether and how they’d enjoyed being a part of it and I went ‘ooh! I might go and try it out.’. Since I’ve joined, everybody has been so welcoming and everybody connects and supports each other and I love that. It puts a sprinkle in my step!

John G at the Live Your Life graduation meal, 26/04/2022

What’s your favourite thing about get2gether?

Everything! Being a part of Monday Magic, being a part of the Steering Group. It’s a mix of doing things online and doing some things in person.

Do you have any favourite events you’ve attended?

God – so many! The Wild Nights IN, I’ve loved those. Doing my Laughter Yoga for you guys as well. And going to different Zoom events too. 

From left to right, member John, James and David, 26/04/2022

You’ve taken part on both our Live Your Life and Let’s Talk About Sex courses! How did you find them?

That was a very good experience – especially the Live Your Life Course, I learned a lot about myself which is really good, and learning how to pace myself properly and learning when to say ‘no’ to things. Meeting you all for the Live Your Life graduation lunch, I absolutely loved that too.

What sort of things are you interested in outside of get2gether?

I’m really passionate about photography, and just socialising with friends! I also like going for walks and swimming. I like doing lots of Zoom parties especially!

You’re celebrating one year of being a member of get2gether! How do you feel? What does the future look like?

I have made some incredible new friends being a part of get2gether. There’s so many people I’ve really connected with. I’m not going anywhere – yous are going to have me for life now! You’re stuck with me! I want to do more things in person with get2gether, that’s what I’d really like. Especially going to the ATIK and socialising properly and going along to all your face-to-face parties. Doing proper socialising with you guys is what I want.

Do you have any advice for people who are interested in signing up as a member but are a bit nervous?

Just try it out! That’s what I did and I settled in really well. Give it a taster and see how you get on!

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