Fringe Reviewers – revamping the story!

Fringe Reviewers – revamping the story!

Ambassador Natalie and Peer Mentor Mairi went to see ‘Buffy: Revamped’. They both commented on how much they enjoyed going to see the show together, Mairi saying ‘It was a great idea meeting up beforehand for a drink and to acclimatise to the venue. A joint experience.’ Natalie agreed with ‘Really appreciated going with Mairi – not sure I would have enjoyed it as much on my own. Having someone with me meant I wasn’t too anxious.’


Fantastic! The staff were very helpful, they made sure we were okay. They took us upstairs meaning we didn’t have to wait in line. We were seated straight away. I liked the fact it was a one-man show that focused on the jokes about Buffy. 

Myself and Natalie were seated right at the front and the comedian did one act using various props to play different characters. One of the things I liked about the act was that the stage wasn’t too cluttered, and he was dressed as Spike with the hair and the jacket. Also, his voice was very clear when he spoke and I was able to read his lips. He was extremely well informed. Audience participation was happening but he didn’t choose us haha. He was very engaging and used different voices for each character, one voice for Joyce, one for Zander, one for Spike, he was a chameleon. 

I also liked the fact it wasn’t too long and it was clear what he was doing. 


I loved everything about the show. The venue was big and spacious, well ventilated, nice and cool but not cool, dark but still light enough to see everything. Nice atmosphere. They played 90s pop before it started – music from Buffy so it felt like you were sitting in the Brawns and I thought that was really cool

I loved the way the stage was set up, there were loads of wee easter eggs, bookshelves – Giles’ mug ‘love librarian’ miniature cheerleading statue, lots of little things, the attention to detail even though it was a simple set up 

The structure of the show, the way the guy did it was brilliant. It wasn’t too complex or hard to understand. The guy was really funny, especially when he was impersonating other characters. I loved when he did Angel. 

The audience participation was very funny, I’m so glad he didn’t pick either myself or Mairi even though we were in the front row and I was wearing an obvious Buffy t-shirt. 

I would 110% recommend this show to anyone or everybody, even if you haven’t seen it. He goes through every season telling the story so even if you’ve never seen Buffy, you can follow and get the gist. Being a fan makes it even better. I would go and see if again. 

Ambassador Natalie went along to see ‘Lies, Damned lies & Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, read their thoughts below!


The venue was very difficult to find and I kept getting lost – the staff weren’t the most helpful. When I found it it was in a tiny room and felt very cramped. I didn’t realise it was meant to be funny but I don’t think I understood the jokes at all. The trombone at the end gave me a fright – far too loud. 

One part I did like was when he did a very very detailed spreadsheet with loads of facts about the show – how many people on show killed, how they died, with time stamp on which episode, which season and weapons used. Really liked that detail and precision.

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