Fringe Reviewers – The Lady Boys of Bangkok

Fringe Reviewers – The Lady Boys of Bangkok

Last month, our Fringe Reviewers headed to see ‘The Lady Boys of Bangkok’ in collaboration with Euan’s Guide. They let us know their thoughts on the show, accessibility and location!

Philip: I liked the location, the tent was a fabulous set up. It was a nice big space. It had plenty of space to manoeuvre and lots of space for people to dance along! I can’t think of anything bad to say about it, other than the tables were a bit too small. I liked the show itself but I felt like the audience made the show by singing along and dancing. I didn’t find lip-syncing that interesting, when I go to a show I want to hear people sing. But they were still fun to watch. I thought they could’ve engaged with the audience a wee bit more too which would’ve made it funnier and more engaging.

Picture of one of the ‘Lady Boys’ wearing a kilt.

Stephan: Upon arrival to the Festival Square at the big top I discovered that it was very central, a very central part of lothian road. I knew the disabled parking on Lothian Road so I managed to park at the Traverse Theatre. it’s good to do a bit of research about disabled parking before you go! Once we parked and crossed the road, the staff were very very helpful. I was seated at table 51 which was quite far back but by the time I got there I managed to get an upgrade to table C2. I was basically right in the front row! I could see everything, there was nothing blocking my view. The one thing I was really impressed with was how they fitted this huge tent in the centre of Edinburgh! There were several compartments to the tent, toilets, bar area etc. Me and my carer found everyone to be so helpful, it was unbelievable how helpful the staff actually were as a person with a disability. The show was absolutely amazing. Everybody in the room had a ball! The ‘Spice Girls’ were my favourite. It was a spectacle of fashion, costumes, bands, I don’t know if they were lipsyncing or not but whatever it was, it was absolutely breathtaking! The costumes, music and choreography – just wow. It’s hard to see how they fit it all into an hour and 20 minutes too.

Picture of the ‘Lady Boys’ dancing

Mairi: When I walked in the staff were a little bit confused, it took them several minutes to find my seat. I asked one of them when I was sitting and they just pointed in a vague direction. I saw somebody I knew who pointed me to my exact seat eventually! It was a bit chaotic. I eventually got to the seat and enjoyed the show. I got a mask as well at half time I got a photo with the Lady Boys which I thoroughly enjoyed. The sets were brilliant and I enjoyed the show a lot. I enjoyed the ‘spice girls’ the most.

Mairi with the ‘Lady Boys’

Kevin: The show was great, amazing atmosphere. Where we were seated was spacious, we were right next to the stage. We had a great view and there was lots of leg room and space to move around. The other seats seemed quite spaced out too, including around the bar area.

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