June cover story

June cover story

We’re talking to get2gether members Caitlin and Carrieann – in summer they will have been married for a year! Join us to hear about their future plans, their favourite get2gether events and why they think get2gether is an inclusive fun environment!

How did you meet?

Carrieann: In Oaklands park – we got chatting through friends. Our first date was at the cinema and we went to see School of Rock. My first impression was Caitlin was funny, kind and caring, and I wanted to see her again. We were together for 4 years until Caitlin proposed to me! We had moved in together a few years ago, it was a straightforward process and we were really excited to live together just the two of us and all our pets – we’ve got a cat, a rabbit and some fish. 

Caitlin proposed to me with balloons and a banner, we were in the house. It was a surprise, I came home from work – I had no idea! And I said ‘yes’! 

Caitlin: I knew I wanted to propose – being married was always important to me. It was in my heart. 

How was your wedding day?

Carrieann: It was the best day of my life. It was reasonably nice weather, had all the family  and friends there that we wanted. We went to City Chambers and then had an afterparty. We decided it all together, money and budgeting and making sure we both got what we wanted. 

Caitlin: It was great, I loved all of it. 

How has your first year of married life been?

Carrieann: It’s not quite a year until August! It’s been really good, how I imagined it. We work, see pals, go to the gym, see family, spend time together in the evenings and watch movies. Being married isn’t hugely different but it’s brought us closer together. 

Caitlin: Brilliant, not a huge difference but I love living my life with my wife. 

What does get2gether mean for you? 

Carrieann: It helps to get out the house, meet friends, go clubbing – because if I didn’t have HYPE, I wouldn’t go to a mainstream nightclub. It’s too busy, I don’t have ID, I might get judged for my disability. HYPE is important to me. 

Caitlin: It’s helped me through a lot, before I never used to go out and I found it difficult to make friends. Now, I feel comfortable attending events and I’ve got a lot of pals. 

Do you feel get2gether is welcoming and inclusive?

Carrieann: Yes – it’s welcoming and good to everybody. get2gether seems to treat everyone equal. It can be difficult to find organisations that sees both my disability and sexual orientation but get2gether does! 

Caitlin – yes, the people are so friendly and Carrieann and I feel so welcome

What does the future hold? 

Carrieann: I don’t know – whatever comes, comes! Hopefully, a child! We’re really looking forward to becoming parents. I can’t wait to be a mum, it means a lot to me. I’m very kind and caring. We’ll do our best to keep coming to get2gether events haha. 

Caitlin: Children! I’m looking forward to raising them from birth and being in my child’s life. 

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