Our Lives With Michelle McManus – Member Lauren!

Our Lives With Michelle McManus – Member Lauren!

'Our Lives with Michelle McManus - BBC Radio Scotland.'

Our wonderful member Lauren was interviewed by BBC’s Michelle McManus for her ‘Our Lives’ podcast. She talked about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, her pageantry journy and how life-changing get2gether has been for her.

To hear more about Lauren’s story, go to the 18:30 mark! Audio interview attached below.

Lauren’s interview for ‘Our Lives with Michelle McManus’ podcast, BBC Radio Scotland.

“I had no social life, get2gether rescued me. I didn’t feel I had much purpose. I didn’t see where I was meant to be in life, and now I do.”

Lauren wearing her ‘Miss Midlothian Ambassador’ sash and her dance group ‘Unique-Abilities’ at get2gether’s Karaoke Disco, 23/09/22

“get2gether gave me the opportunity to work 2 and a half hours per week, doing live quizzes, positive quotes, to help members get through each day.”

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