November Cover Story

November Cover Story

Front cover of get2gether's November newsletter. Picture of member Joanne and a sticker saying '100% of our events this month are free.'

We had the pleasure of chatting with long-time member Joanne. Joanne shared her favourite get2gether memories, passions and future plans. Are you interested in anything arty and creative? Why not come along to Joanne’s in person ‘Art in the City’ event on Friday 4th of November! Join Joanne for a slice of cake at Fruitmarket Café, then head to the City Art Centre to roam the ‘New Acquisitions’ free exhibition and explore the paintings, photographs, drawings, prints and sculptures. Contact to register your interest!

Read on for Joanne’s full interview!

How did you first hear about get2gether?

Marion Smith got me to come along and I went to the ATIK and signed up then. Mojca asked me to come along to ATIK and help out too. I heard about the ATIK nights from my friend Leanne who introduced me to everyone at get2gether. I’ve been a member of get2gether for many years now!

What are your favourite memories with get2gether?

The ATIK, Karaokes, I’ve liked a lot of the group stuff and events Katrina has hosted too. I’ve enjoyed going to museums and looking at exhibitions and making new friends with get2gether.

Members Dania and Joanne at get2gether’s ‘Red Carpet’ event at The Brunton, May 2022

What have been your favourite get2gether events that you’ve attended?

I like attending all the big events like the ATIK and Karaoke Discos, especially the one in Gorgie. Hopefully I can come along to the next one in Craigmillar. I like the Pub Quizzes with get2gether too. I like that there are different rounds with different topics and I like getting the answers right! I especially like the quizzes with music rounds. I love music, mainly pop music. I like singing too. I sung ‘This Is Me’ at the last Karaoke I went to. I’d like to see some events where get2gether goes along to see Live Music in the future. I hosted an event in the past with Katrina where we did an arts and crafts session and rock painting which was really fun.

Tell us about what you get up to in your spare time!

In my spare time I go to the Commonwealth Pool for my water aerobics, on Mondays I have my walking group, and I have meetings with them as well. I like going dancing to songs too. And I also love singing, it’s a hobby of mine. I like singing ‘This Is Me’ and songs from the musical ‘Annie’. I love Annie, it’s a great musical.

Member Joanne with a sparkly green scarf at get2gether’s 5th birthday party, 2017

Do you have any advice for members who are interested in coming along to get2gether events but are a bit nervous?

Get out to some get2gether events and see what is out there! You can pick events that interest you or are near to you. I like encouraging other members to come along and help out. I would make sure that they’re alright, because I was a bit nervous when I first joined get2gether but it has gone great.

What are your future plans?

I’m going to my cousin’s wedding which I’m looking forward to. I might also be going on holiday for a week to the Lake District. We will be going on walks, playing skittles and going to parks. I’m also planning on going to the pantomime. In November, I am hosting a get2gether event at the City Art Exhibition and Café. Join me on Friday the 4th of November from 2pm-3:30pm!

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