See you next year! – A blog post from our Development Officer

See you next year! – A blog post from our Development Officer


I’m Clare the Project and Development Officer for get2gether. I wanted to write a blog to update you all on the work I have been doing and let you know that I am heading off on maternity leave to have a baby!

Hopefully you will all be aware of the work that we did last year around Self-Determination (if not take a look at the ‘Self-Determination’ page on our website). This research was the start of my work and has led onto some really interesting projects including working with Mojca to develop employment training for members and developing the Live YOUR Life course.

We have now run the Live YOUR Life course 3 times and it has been a great success. Have a look at the ‘Our Courses’ page on the website to get more information. When I come back next year I hope to run another course for get2gether members so let the get2gether team know if you would be interested in taking part.

While I am away there won’t be anyone directly covering my post, but different members of the team will be taking on different parts of my role.

I hope to pop into the office with the baby every now and then so I might well see some of you, but if I don’t see you, I hope you have a lovely year, take chances and live the life you want. I can’t wait to come back next year and find out all the amazing things you have been up to.

See you next year!


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