Mystic Mairi on Winter

Mystic Mairi on Winter


Question from a member:

Winter can be a difficult time.  I sometimes don’t really have motivation to do things, like go out and about. How do you deal with lows in the winter?


Mystic Mairi Answered:

Thanks for this question and just to say that I also wanted to go out more this year, so I know how you feel. I was house bond myself this year due to personal reasons. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage, so well done for asking me. This is brilliant first step.

Here is what I do. Sometimes, and I find it really helpful, is a change of scenes. Actually, this is what I am doing at the moment.

I know the winter can be quiet very isolating. Just organize a weekend away somewhere you really like, you don’t have to go far, it can be somewhere nice in Scotland. Keep in contact with people, that can be friends or family and make sure that when someone you are doing catch ups at least once a week.

Try an activity like horse riding or cinema or in fact, any of get2gether events! Just get out of the house! I know it is tempting to just staying inside, but layer out – you know you won’t regret it!

Keep warm! Outdoor clothing shops do really cool multicolored leggings and tops that you can match, not just for fashion, make sure you buy thermals!

I suggest to try to go out as much as you physically can, even just a five minutes’ walk. I know myself how tempting it is to stay in the bed in the pyjamas, eat chocolates and other junk food and binge- watch on Netflix. However nice it might feel, it can have a bad consequences – and also you might be missing out on something.

You can get out and meet with friends, visit a library, your local library will have evet and they do really nice stuff. You don’t need to go out-out, like on a big night out if you don’t feel like it, but you might want to visit some friends and visit them for a cup of tea. I am sure they would be happy to see you for a cuppa and some company!

From my personal experience if you are overwhelmed and you are needing a hand, then please do speak with friends or colleagues or your staff. Even if you need to get away you can do that!

I know that for me change of scene works really well, like visiting a part of Scotland you like to go there are accessible areas with accessible accommodation, you are entitled and should be able to get access to get par to f the work and do what you can do. Even if you want a holiday in the sun, accessible to cater to your personal needs, you can and will get access to your favourite activities and interesting destinations.

Go for it man!

Mystic Mairi

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