2 years of get2gether@home!

2 years of get2gether@home!

Here at get2gether, we are celebrating 2 WHOLE YEARS of get2gether@home. get2gether@home is a member-led safe digital community on Facebook where our members can chat, share skills and interests, and forge meaningful relationships. Now isn’t that worth celebrating?

We asked our members about get2gether@home, their favourite things about going online and what our organisation can do to continue online connection.

Read on for the full scoop!

What are your favourite things about get2gether@home?

Robert: I can message and connect with people about things that have been happening in the group. I also like Facebook Lives because it is flexible and you can post when you want about whatever you want.

Graham: My favourite thing about get2gether@home is you make new friends and online you can learn lots of things like mindfulness and can do courses.

Andrew: The reach! Meeting and talking to people in Glasgow and afar. Also forming stronger bonds with SCLD, Dates ‘n’ Mates and Gig Buddies. Distance is no object online.

Mairi: That we’ve been able to increase our membership and get people to come along to more online and hybrid events, and long may it continue!

David W: It’s a safe space for people with a disability all over Edinburgh and the Lothians.

David B: I like meeting new people.

John G: Since I joined in July last year I was made to feel so welcomed and I’ve made incredible new friends. I like the Zoom events as well.

Katrina: Being able to do online events with our members. I’ve had a Girl’s Night online where we drew pictures using old makeup. I’ve also been a Peer Mentor and Co-Facilitator on Live Your Life Course and have done drawing events, Zoom around the Room and also been at the Wild Night IN – being able to party online.

Mark: It’s been good to meet people online through get2gether, it’s an amazing charity.

Leanne: Meeting new people with other learning disabilities and making new friends.

Natalie: Feeling included and being able to take part in all the amazing events on zoom even though I am in Glasgow. If it was in person all the time I wouldn’t have the opportunity to get involved as much as I have been able to.

Let’s celebrate 2 years of get2gether@home! 21st-25th March 2022.

What are the positive things you’ve experienced since going online?

Robert: Going online has helped keep contact with people and seeing what they’re up to. It’s my main way of keeping in contact with people.I like that it is my decision who I can keep in contact with when I want to.

Graham: I have met loads of other people and been part of groups and learned a lot.

Andrew: I’ve made so many new Facebook friends and seeing how they shine. For example, John G’s presentation skills, Lauren’s quizzes and Natalie’s ‘give-it-a-go’ spirit. There are no buses, just a few clicks…then contact!

Mairi: The Live Your Life and Let’s Talk About Sex courses online and becoming a Peer Mentor and also getting a job as a Sessional Worker. Meeting all the new people and having the hybrid of online and in person events. It has been fantastic and I’ve become a better person. Being online has given me the chance to expand and do skill-shares and be a positive role model for our members.

David W: Meeting new people from this great charity and meeting up with them last summer.

David B: It has helped me be more confident.

John G: Meeting new friends online, staying connected and still enjoying the things we like doing.

Katrina: I’m now confident going online, I’m able to use Zoom which I hadn’t known about before. I feel as though my confidence has grown since being online and I’m loving the new hybrid way of being able to have meet-ups in person and online stuff as well. It’s nice to get a good balance.

Leanne: Ever since get2gether has gone online I was encouraged through them to get into Stay Up Late and I’m still part of it thanks to them. I’ve also made more friends being online.

Natalie: I think in a strange way, it made me more sociable. Being able to meet people through zoom events made me a bit more confident talking to people. Get2gether@home sort of eases you into meeting people for the first time, and having the option of having your camera off and still take part takes pressure off. And cos I’ve already known people from zoom events it makes it easier when meeting people face to face, feel less stressful and make me want to meet more people in person.

Wild Night IN, 16th December 2021

What online offerings would you like to see moving forward with get2gether?

Robert: I enjoy Test Yourself Tuesdays online so I would like to see more of them.

Graham: I would like to see more astronomy things online and more courses.

Andrew: Members blending in more and having a go at leading an event or doing a fb live. Hopefully keeping the online going, networking and having an even bigger reach.

Mairi: The hybrid model is working out beautifully so I’d like to see that continue. It’s allowing people to go out if they want, or if they’re feeling a wee bit uncomfortable they can still go online. Having that choice is wonderful.

David W: Continuing to offer live streams, zooms and also hybrid events.

David B: I would like to continue online as I’ve met new friends.

John G: More Bingo Nights, Quiz Nights and perhaps something different! Like a Virtual Movie Night. It’s about hybrid: doing things in person and doing things online.

Katrina: I would like the Live Your Life course to sometimes still be held online as well as in person because for those who don’t feel comfortable and aren’t ready to meet up in person yet it’s good to give them the choice.

Leanne: More open mics, more people hosting quizzes, more people teaching dancing hopefully in the next couple of years!

Natalie: More of the zoom events that have been done already. Would love more art stuff, anything to do with autism and neurodiversity, lgbtq+ events, maybe mental health events as well. Really enjoying how monday magic meetings are going with skillshare and team building stuff. Would just love online events to continue and not decrease because they really have been a lifeline for me in the last 6 months – especially since I live a bit further away and wouldn’t manage to go to every in person event. Online events been really important to me in my life and have helped me grow as person and feel accepted for me in an amazing community.

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