Thank you online Movie Monday team!

Thank you online Movie Monday team!

28th February 2022 - Trip to see Licorice Pizza at The Filmhouse

After two years of our online Movie Monday crew, we have made the decision to continue Movie Monday exclusively in person. Although this was a hard decision to make, we wish to make the most of our Filmhouse Community Pass and encourage members to go to the cinema, chat with friends, and see films in person.

We chatted to the online Movie Monday crew to talk about their involvement and how they feel about Movie Monday moving forward in person.

How long have you been involved with online Movie Monday?

Sarah: Basically since the very beginning! The first film was ‘Snow White and the Huntsman!

Angie: I’ve been involved since October/ November.

How did you find the process over the last two years? Would you do anything differently?

Sarah: Learnt about polls and more about Facebook. It was useful becoming more tech savvy. I really enjoyed it, it was good team work. Everyone had to do their own part. And I enjoyed watching the films together. Enjoyed seeing everyone’s scores on the Facebook page. Sometimes I knew facts about the films and I could add them to the chat. I liked hearing other people’s opinions. 

I really liked working with Roberto over Christmas, it was good to continue that over a time when people might need cheering up.

Angie: I enjoyed the Movie Monday process and I love all the Movie Monday stuff on get2gether that has happened over the past two years.

From left to right, Members Andrew and Shaun at The Filmhouse – 31st January 2022
How did you create a sense of community amongst those watching at home but joining together digitally?

Sarah: I think through the Film4 messenger page because everyone could contribute. 

Robert: We had to talk about the movie which brought people together. Also good for people to bond over movies. So using online platforms as a way to bring people together.

Angie: Having communication and community through messenger was really great.

Moving forward, how do you feel about Movie Monday at The Filmhouse?

Sarah: Good! I feel a wee bit sad that Film4 has come to an end because it was a great experience but hopefully being in person we can reminisce and it’s a long time to be apart. I’m looking forward to catching up. Also things we used to do for MM online, we can do in person. It’ll be interesting to talk in person about favourite lockdown films.

Robert: Looking forward to it! Catching up in person and jogging people’s memories.

Angie: Should be great and I hope people enjoy it.

get2gether’s first in person Movie Monday at The Filmhouse – 29th November 2021
Final thoughts?

Katrina: I just want to say how proud I am as an original member that decided during pandemic when we were in lockdown to host online Movie Monday. I thoroughly enjoyed watching films everyone Monday with members and I hope now the members can join me and get2gether at seeing films at in person once a month at The Filmhouse, so thank you to each member that came to Movie Monday, it was a pleasure.

A huge THANK YOU to The Filmhouse for our Community Pass. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to have fun, affordable trips to the cinema to explore new films, and have those valuable in-person social interactions that make life so worthwhile.

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