April Cover Story

April Cover Story

On our April cover we have the wonderful Lauren! A treasured get2gether member, and a Miss Midlothian 2022 finalist.
She chatted to us about Miss Midlothian, raising money for charities and why giving back to the community is important to her.

Read on for an exclusive interview!

What motivated you to join the Miss Midlothian 2022 pageant?

I want to show others to reach for the stars and believe in their dreams. I may be disabled, but this makes me want to take part even more. My disability makes me who I am today and I would never change that. I joined the pageant to raise money for charities, but also to empower myself. Growing up, I was always told “you can’t do a lot” which has driven me to prove them wrong. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity and I will put my all into this amazing journey. I truly want to make a difference.

What charities are you raising money for?

I am raising money for “The Haydon Kennan Foundation” who work alongside another charity called ‘SiMBA’ (Simpson’s Memory Box Appeal). I am also raising money for ‘Les Hoey Foundation’.

“I want to show others to reach for the stars and believe in their dreams.”

Why are these charities close to your heart?

These charities are essential for supporting families who have undergone tough circumstances. The Haydon Kennan Foundation and SiMBA work alongside to support parents who have experienced miscarriages, still births or infant death. They make memory boxes and provide them to every hospital in the UK. These memory boxes are priceless, precious and treasured by families.

The Les Hoey Foundation is a charity which helps child patients (and their siblings) who are going through difficult medical/surgical treatments to meet their idols. Celebrities who have taken part previously include Johnny Depp, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, The Script, and the Scottish Football team. The children are also given the opportunity to go along to concerts, theater shows, football matches, theme parks – any trip to make their lives more bearable during hard times. Each year they host a christmas party for approximately 300 children and their families. The parties are attended by celebrities and, of course, santa. Seeing the children smile and providing families with happy memories and meaningful moments is breathtaking.

“Anyone can make a difference, big or small.”

How can people donate and support your pageant journey?

People can donate by taking part in raffles and auctions coming up on my Facebook. I am also doing a football card, £2.00 a team, and the winner would have selected the winning team. The winner receives £40, and the other £40 will go to the charities listed above. People have helped by donating to my raffle and hamper. If you would be interested in donating/ taking part in the raffles please private message me on Facebook.

The Haydon Kennan Foundation/SIMBA Ball 2022

Why is volunteering and giving back to the community so important to you?

I find volunteering and giving back to the community extremely rewarding. You only have one life to live and I want to make the most of mine. I know how helpful volunteers from the community have been for me when I needed support. It’s amazing to see how my volunteering has helped people in many ways and it has given me a strong purpose in life and is what helps keep me smiling!

What advice would you give to members who want to become more active in the community but are a bit nervous?

I myself was nervous when I first started community work, but that quickly changed. Anyone can make a difference, big or small. I would encourage everyone to try it, as it really helped me to grow as a person and gives you a great confidence boost.It is a life experience I wouldn’t want anyone to miss. My advice would be to believe in yourself, be you, and to choose something you are passionate about. This is also a fantastic way to meet new people like yourself.

“You only have one life to live and I want to make the most of mine.”

Will we be seeing you at our Latin-Themed club night at ATIK?

Yes – I can’t wait! I have missed everyone and I am looking forward to creating more magical memories with get2gether! I will be coming along with my Miss Midlothian Finalist 2022 sash. I’m looking forward to taking some photos, hitting the dance floor and seeing new members and friends. It’s going to be a night to remember!

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