Ambassador Katrina shares her experiences

Ambassador Katrina shares her experiences

Katrina’s Blog – Katrina tells us more about what it’s like to be a get2gether Ambassador

Katrina, how are you getting on with your job?

Great! I love it! I have done lots of events so far, such as going to North Berwick for drinks, I have been to different things that are on in Musselburgh, like going for an ice cream at Luca’s and Arts Café at Fisherrow, I also visit people at the resource centres at Port Seton I also went to Dunbar for the first time ever!

36305679_1930105453706387_1066652946118213632_oI really like events that are on at the Brunton. They are also very popular, lots of people are coming along to my events and that is great to see. Elton John tribute show “The Rocket man” was great fun everybody that came along to the event really enjoyed it. Apart from the fire alarm going off at the event, it was great and I took lots of photos that you can see on Facebook!

There are also times I need to go to the office for meetings, like steering group meetings, staff meetings and short life working group. At those meetings I update people what I’ve been up to as an Ambassador. I have also represented get2gether at the events for leavers at Stevenson Collage, conference for service provider Elcap in East Lothian and I am also a member of a professional network called Kinworks in East Lothian.

Sounds like there are a lot of new experiences in your life. What sort of new experiences came with the job?

33995532_1894122270638039_136371666983845888_nI am learning how to be on time, travel places on my own, like the ATIK, Karaoke Disco in Craigmillar – now I come on my own, I used to come by taxi that was arranged for me. Now I just use the bus and get the taxi to go home.

I have learned how to take photos on my phone, learned how to put photos up from the phone to the computer, set up email account that now I use regularly for work and other things in my life.

I learned how to enjoy myself when I am working, without having alcohol to drink; at the events I go along to I don’t drink. It is not all about drinking; I can also have fun with just a soft drink.  I am not just having a good time, but also having good time working.

What exciting events have you got planned?

In August we are going to Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton tribute show at the Brunton and I am really looking forward to it. The show is totally sold out but I managed to get 10 tickets so members of get2gether will be coming along to that, and we are going to have a great time.

I am also hosting another event in August at the Port Seton Resource Centre – get2gether has been invited to go along to the Nevis Ensemble. This event is totally free, there will be live music. This will be my second event this month.

In September I thought would be nice to go to North Berwick for a day out and I look forward to it.

Sounds really great! And what would you say to members that are thinking to apply for an Edinburgh Ambassador post?

When I applied for East Lothian Ambassador post there was a lot of things I had to do. I filled out an application form, I asked my mum to help me to fill it out. I got a phone call from get2gether and got an interview. At the interview there was a panel of 3 people that were asking questions, I was a bit nervous but I managed to get on with it. I managed to stay focused and do what I needed to do. I got the job!

If you are thinking to apply make sure that you apply on time, get application in advance and fill it out, ask for help if you need it. Think about that this is a real opportunity to earn some money, to meet new people, it means that it gives you something to do, gets you out of the house, makes your life busier.

It made me much 37328909_1964338556949743_2992025968178102272_obusier than I used to be, I have lots to do now. It is great, not have to sit in the house… having my colleague ambassadors is great, they are so nice, friendly and to me they are like new best friends. I really like them as friends.