let’s find your strengths-become an ambassador.

let’s find your strengths-become an ambassador.

As you may know, we are looking for our next ambassador to join our team.  As someone who has done this role for four years, I thought it would be good to give you some tips and insights into what it’s like to have this exciting role.

As an ambassador, you will be part of the team to welcome new members by attending loads of different events and you have a say in deciding what get2gether does.

You will work as part of the team to make sure that there is lots of variety so that all of our members will see something that they will want to come to.  This can be gatherings for coffee, cinema trips, and even helping out at the bigger events, such as the ATIK and Brunton nights.  Through this you will be supported to learn new skills in how to interact with people as well as practical skills such as good timekeeping, planning, and chairing meetings.

What I would say about all of this is that it is a gradual process.  And if you are thinking about applying, but are not really sure, maybe because you haven’t had a job before or maybe you are feeling a little uncertain, it’s okay – because we have all been there and the team want to find your strengths and will support you.

One of the things that I worried about when looking for a job was ‘would it affect my benefits?’ and that is a legitimate worry.  Again, the team will support you and get you advice to reassure you and because it is only 6 hours per week this does not affect your benefit entitlement.

You are not expected to know everything right from the get go – and the team can help you to tailor the role to your strengths and interests.  Let me assure you that it is a job that in time you will grow into.  Some of the things that I have done in my time as an ambassador included: making a film; speaking to the First Minister; taking part in the Fringe Festival as a reviewer; and writing blogs about all sorts of different topics.

As a result of this my own role has changed now.  I’m still working with get2gether, but now I take a peer mentoring role, helping to support the ambassadors and co-facilitating the Live Your Life groups, as well as the ‘Blether-2-gether’ groups to give people a chance to meet up, chat and support each other.  It’s a very varied role that I really enjoy, that has taken time to develop into what it is now.

Changing the status quo can be scary!  But working, and being part of a team is absolutely worth the challenge.  Everyone has doubts about change…but why not just go for it?  I did!