Introducing ‘Mystic Mairi’

Introducing ‘Mystic Mairi’

‘Mystic Mairi’ will be a familiar face to people who have been at our Big Nights Out recently (ATIK/Brunton etc.)

Mairi is a get2gether member who reads palms.

She also has a page in our new look newsletter and members can ask her questions each month.

Here Mairi talks a little about who she is and what her philosophy on life is.

Mystic Mairi - close upNormal – What is normal? That’s a question many of us ask ourselves. The fact of the matter is, we are all normal, whether we like it or not. When you have a life-long condition, you’re just used to it, you don’t know any different. I wake up, take medication, put hearing aids and glasses on and get on with my day.

I’m also fiercely intelligent, love to read and my favourite place is underwater. I have my own style, I have kept a diary since I was eight.  

I am also a palm reader, but I will never tell you anything bad or scary.  I am accurate – I will never tell you lies.  If don’t want your palm read then we can talk instead.  I am a good listener and compassionate. I am also a bisexual Catholic feminist. I love socialising and meeting new people.  I love listening to audio books on my phone – I find the narrator’s voice soothing.

If I see your face once, I will never forget it.

Compassion and tolerance are my biggest assets. I never judge, I do not gossip about anybody, and I want simply friendship.

Everybody deserves to be a unicorn!