An Interview with Sarah, one of our Ambassadors

An Interview with Sarah, one of our Ambassadors

get2gether met Sarah, our East Lothian Ambassador for a wee interview:

g2g: Sarah, you’ve now been a get2gether Ambassador for about four months. How are you finding your role?

Sarah: I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s good to meet people and to help Nicola [the East Lothian co-ordinator] to work out events.

g2g: What has been your favourite event so far?

Musselburgh Market

Musselburgh Market

Sarah: I think the Musselburgh Market, because you got to meet other people and you got to try free food and it would be good to go back and we might get more people coming along.

g2g: Did you buy anything?

Sarah: Rowan Chutney, which is very nice.

g2g: Sarah, I believe you are very interested in food?

Sarah: Yes, definitely!

g2g: Tell us more …

Head Gardener Sarah on the very right

Head Gardener Sarah on the very right

Sarah: With a few friends from New Beginnings, we have an allotment and learn how to grow vegetable and fruit and how to cook healthy and scrumptious food for ourselves. On some days we have outdoor cooking sessions. In the summer I am there two or three times a week to sow seeds, plant crops, water and weed the beds and harvest what we have grown. I have always loved getting my hands dirty – I am a qualified gardener and it is great to have a garden where I can pass on to other people the skills I learned at Oatridge College. My nickname on the allotment is ‘Head Gardener’!

g2g: That sounds great! And I also heard you spent a weekend away gardening?

Sarah: Yes, last month I went to Mull with New Caledonian Woodlands. We all met in Edinburgh and headed to Oban to get the ferry to Craignure and then we got to Mull and met one of the people who made us a blackberry tart.

Dry-stone dyking

Dry-stone dyking

We then did some dry-stone dyking. We also did hedge laying. It is an old technique of cutting hedges and most of the hedges are laid like that. And we also build a step at the chicken coop.

g2g: That sounds like hard work, Sarah, did you get any rewards?

Sarah: I went for a swim in the sea, which was very refreshing and then I helped with dinner and served it. They also let me plan the meal for one of the days.

g2g: So, what was on the menu?

Sarah: Butter bean bake with salad and rice pudding. It was very yummy and a lot of people had thirds. It will now also be served to other groups.

g2g: You seem to be a very active person, Sarah, I believe you are also part of a SLWG?

Sarah: Yes, in the Short Life Working Group we’ve been planning the Halloween party and we talked about the music and that we want people to dress up and the Trick or Treat bucket and how we want to decorate the Cav …

g2g: Any surprises you can already tell us about?


Sarah: We’ll have some good prizes and limbo dancing.

Trick or Treat???

Trick or Treat???

g2g: What would you say to somebody who has toyed with the idea of attending a Club Night, but hasn’t had the confidence to join us, yet?

Sarah: Definitely just come along, everybody is really friendly. It’s a really good night out. You get to meet new people and it’s a good chance to socialise.

g2g: Exactly, that’s what it is all about, Sarah, and the get2gether team members are there if anybody feels a bit awkward initially – we can introduce people to each other.

So, Sarah, back to your role as an Ambassador, tell us more about what you do.

Sarah: I talk to people about get2gether – yesterday I was at the East Coast FM radio station – and promote the events. I have hosted my second Meet the Ambassador event last week and one person came along who will join us for the Cav Club Night. Hopefully there will be a lot of people there, I will tell people to bring some friends who have not been there and I know we’ll be up dancing all night.

g2g: That sounds like an amazing night, Sarah, thanks a lot for this interview, thanks for all your work as an Ambassador and have a fabulous Club Night.

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