April cover story

April cover story

Scott joined at the beginning of February and has had a busy month! Read below to hear about his adventures. 

Hi Scott, it sounds like you’ve had an amazing first month being part of get2gether! What have you been up to?

It has been really good. I found out about get2gether through a support worker and I thought I’d check it out as I had seen photos of previous events and it looked like everyone was having such a good time. I wanted to join in. 

One of the ambassadors, Stephan, phoned me to welcome me to get2gether and I knew I’d be very much welcome at HYPE – this was my first event.

Katrina and Stephan are at karaoke disco. Katrina is talking to Stephan, both are looking at each other

We also spoke to Stephan to hear about his role as an Ambassador. He said that he enjoys making new members feel welcome either by asking how they are, asking questions, and initiating conversations. He enjoys being that friendly face that members see and have a catch up with at an event.

Tell us about the events you’ve been to?

I’ve gone to a few events after HYPE, including Dynamic Earth, pub quiz at Hectors, and the Grassmarket Cinema (where I am on the front cover). I kept coming back because the people were really friendly, they made me feel welcome and wanted, they asked questions and seemed interested.

Member Scott has his arm around another member, both are smiling. Scott is holding a drink.

“I thought it was a great atmosphere!”

The ambassadors were so welcoming at events, greeting me at the door, being friendly and polite, telling me about upcoming events, keeping me posted and in the loop. I go to so many events that keep me in the loop.

Sessional worker Colin is smiling with Ambassador Emma

“Thanks to get2gether staff, I felt much more comfortable and confident to come back. They have great senses of humour and are good to chat to.”

Brilliant, what are your interests and hobbies?

I like pool, snooker, darts, bowling, cinema, eating out, gaming, karaoke, pubs, clubs, American and British sitcoms, Action Comedy Horror Disney and all sorts of music, a wide eclectic taste.My favourite events are big club nights, quiz nights, karaoke nights – I’d love more of those. I don’t really do anything online because I prefer in-person and there’s just so much going. 

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship means somebody who is there and nice to me that you spend time with, do things with, socialize with. Fun, enjoyment, talking about feelings, sharing time together. 

We also asked Ambassador Stephan what friendship means for him and he said

Friendship means a lot, it’s a bond between 2-3-4-5+ people. You can have a circle of friends or one best best friend but as g2g evolves, you’ve got more than 1 friend. You’ve got lots of friends in lots of different places. You’ve got a broad friendship circle. 

Be like Scott – we look forward to welcoming you at get2gether events!

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