Colin is #BecomingVisible

Colin is #BecomingVisible

What does becoming visible mean to you?

Being able to be part of get2gether and now being paid as a DJ and being on the DJ team – that made me become visible! To me, it means being part of something I always wanted to be.

How did you got involved with get2gether?

It was through Midlothian LAC that I first heard about get2gether and I picked up a leaflet and I signed myself up using the membership form. It took me a while before I actually joined in with the events – but I have to say, I am loving every single minute of it! I have never looked back, not even for a second.

My partner Charlene and I came to the first night out in February 2020. I think it was Valentines night out at the ATIK, this was before COVID. That was a really good night and I met DJ Andy and DJ Stephen in person, they were DJing on the night. I got a chance and spoke to DJ Andy – I still have a photo on the phone with DJ Andy from that night in the club.

Then COVID came and we got online, but actually, I am learning a lot, new skills as I go along. I picked new skills like when I do Facebook live on get2gether at home, interacting with my viewers, especially when I am doing puppet shows – members love it! But not just that, I also started having some new ideas, that perhaps it would be nice to show people different sides of the radio station East Coast FM.

We love fresh ideas, Colin! Do you want to tell us more about what do you do at East Coast FM?

I have been there for about 3 years. I started as a producer trainee, then I started doing my own show which I host every week. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I do lunchtime shows. I was doing mobile discos, as well, laser tech discos and karaoke before it started a radio station, so music has always been my passion.

I have been missing outdoor events in the local community that I have been involved with. I can’t wait to get back to socializing again, I am been missing it big time.

But during the lockdown, you have joined our DJ Masterclass and successfully auditioned, and in January you have hosted your first events – Motown magic! You then went on and DJed at the Graduation party – how was that for you?

It was overall a great experience, when I DJed for the first Wild night in, I was nervous at the beginning but I smashed it with flying colors. 

When I did my Motown event I got through ok I was so pleased. It’s all about practicing and you have to settle those nerves, I just pictured myself, you got this!

And yes, it was Katrina’s graduation party at SCLD and I really enjoyed myself and I think people also enjoyed my DJ set.

I am considering getting my DJing onto YOUTUBE, but I have not worked out how to do that just yet. I like to challenge myself.

In retrospect, how was your year since the pandemic started?

My year in COVID has been challenging. But it has also been awesome at the same time.

Its been really challenging not to see friends and family – I have children and I have been missing seeing them, as well as I have an elderly mother, and going to see her was not easy – you have to stay outdoors, you have to wear a mask… pandemic is challenging, and one of those things I have become to realize was that I have to protect myself. It has opened my eyes to the outside world.

As all of the above was hard, last year was also awesome – during the first lockdown I was going out for a lot of cycling, going to different places, and during the second lockdown I have been socializing on zoom and making new friends – that has been really great help, making contact with new people, I am getting lots of help through get2gether DJs as well. Everyone on the DJ team – Andy, Dylan, Robbie, Stephan – we are all supportive of each other, and the nights are great fun.

It’s obviously different than DJing in person, but given that nothing else has been going on, we have been just sitting at home, so the only way to communicate has been online.

It has been great, it’s great being digital, I am loving it!

What’s your plans / aspirations for the future?

I would love to have won an award for music, DJing, or something like this. I am hoping to win a MOTOWN award, ideally!

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