Contemporary by Ian Yirell

Contemporary by Ian Yirell

Ian, who is also a Special Olympics athlete, started volunteering with get2gether in April 2020. He has been part of Monday meetings and is regularly contributing to our online community space “get2gether at home”.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ian has been dancing weekly – showcasing his own routines, as well as inviting other members of get2gether to join his dance classes. He was doing this using Facebook LIVE. He has recently decided to branch out and start his own Youtube channel. We have been chatting to Ian over the phone to find out more about his plans.

Ian, hello. How exciting! You have your own Youtube Chanell – what is it about?

My Youtube Channel is my new project – it is a space where I want to share my passions for dance. I call it “Contemporary with Ian Yirell”. It’s amazing as everyone from get2get can watch me dance and all my videos are in one place.

At the moment I only have couple subscribers, but I hope that over time people will know where to go if they want to learn some new moves.

I hope to engage people with dance, I hope everyone can join me for dancing routines and keep fit and keep healthy.

Did someone help you with setting up a channel?

I have done it myself. It is easy – all you need to do is record yourself and upload the video up. Using Facebook LIVE was good, but now more people can see me. I found it a bit too much to go LIVE and see all the notifications, so I decided it is time to do my own youtube channel, and I find it interesting.

What plans have you got with this channel?

My plan is to post on performances, dancing workshops and a breakdown of certain routines. I am preparing workshops for a zoom event in the form of a dance class – I even come up with a dance game for people!

Hopefully, I get a job in a dance studio… Or maybe even have my own dance studio!

How do you feel when you dance?

When I dance I feel emotional, excited and happy – I express love and falling in love through my moves, for example a move of taking hand, means looking for love.

There will be lot’s more dance classes coming up in 2021 with get2gether – so, do let Ian know what is your favorite dancing style. His is contemporary dance. 

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