Corey’s dancing

Corey’s dancing

Guest Blog: Corey’s Dancing

get2gether’s East & Midlothian events co-ordinator speaks to Corey Watt – who you might recognise by his mad dancing skills and performances at the ATIK and the Brunton.

Hi Corey! Well done, what a great performance on Friday night! What did you think of the Halloween Howl?

What can I say! It was great, I am still buzzing! This job is so important to me – I love being a dancer at the Brunton and the ATIK too. I think all the people that come to get2gether events are fantastic and they know how to have a good time.COREY

Having an opportunity to perform at those nights makes me happy. It’s made me more confident and I mean confident in a good way. I love being famous. It was so nice to see so many people come and speak to me after to say how well it went. All my family and friends are very supportive too and I appreciate that.

I really love making new friends and going out, dancing and having a drink with my friends. That is why Halloween at the Brunton was a great night!

What does dancing mean to you and how do you prepare for the performance?

Dancing is my passion and being a good dancer is really important to me. I practice as much as I can. Sometimes I go for a dance class, but mostly I learn by myself, watching videos. I then put up a routine with moves that go well together. It is my life and makes me really happy.

I really appreciate all my support I get from my family. When I showed my mum a video from the club she loved it! Other family members and my friends also showed support and I am so happy I have that support. This is really important to me.COREY 2

Have you got any other ambitions with dancing? Have you ever considered teaching others?

I once applied to be a part of Britain’s Got Talent but they put me on the waiting list and I haven’t heard back from them. Let’s see!

I love helping other people and I am teaching my cousin dancing, so he can also be happy and be a great dancer. Maybe my dancing would look good with other people’s dancing – we could dance together. Then we could show it to the public and that might be a great new job for me!

What do you do when you are not dancing?

I love to live a good life and help others. Being happy, that is a good life for me. I also go to college and I work in a charity shop in Musselburgh. I also work in Tesco. I am trying to make money for Christmas. I have a big family and I have 5 people I want to get Christmas presents for this year.


Oh really, what are your plans for Christmas?

We celebrate it in our house. All the family comes home and we get to hang out. That is the most important part, time with family. We are all in great spirits and we decorate the tree together. We eat mince pies and have a drink. I also help my mum around the house to get everything ready.

Corey, do you mind me asking – on behalf of your fans – are you in a relationship at the moment?

Actually I am not. I would like to be in a relationship. I would like to meet someone I have a good connection with. The connection is important, because only then you can be a good couple. Also, I think it is important to be doing what is important to me, but keeping the connection. I keep telling myself that I am good looking, happy and a great dancer and one day I will meet someone I really like and have a good relationship with.COREY 4

Will we see you at any other get2gether events?

I will do my best to try to make it to the ATIK. At the moment I am quite busy. But one of my favourite events this year was cocktails in North Berwick! We had to mix a cocktail ourselves and I loved it! It was so good to do it as a team.

Check out the video of Corey dancing at the Brunton here