New Ambassador Katrina

New Ambassador Katrina

Katrina’s blog – get2gether’s new Ambassador has a chat with  East and Midlothian events co-ordinator about her new job.

Katrina, welcome! How would you describe yourself?

I am friendly, very chatty and enjoy meeting new people. I have a lot of Katrina 2interests and like to chat about all sorts of different things. I really like chart music and musicals. I am a nice person and I am looking forward to meeting people that come to along to get2gether events.

Why did you apply for the Ambassador’s post?

I applied to have a new experience and I also wanted to earn some money. Being Ambassador means that you get to meet new people and to organise events, that means I get the opportunity to learn new things and socialise.
I wanted to see if I could get the job – and I did get it! It’s a good job, hopefully I’ll get to host a lot of exciting events in the next few months and meet lots of new people.

What exciting events  have you got planned?

Well, as you know there was the Valentine’s Night in Musselburgh, which was quite popular.  We are also having a Karaoke in East Lothian very soon and I am thinking of organising a Ladies Day out at the Race Course in Musselburgh – which will be in June, I looked into it!

Sounds really great! And what did you do before you were an Ambassador?

I did a “Care for the Elderly” course in college, but I could not continue with the course as there were too many people already doing it. After that I worked at the Engine Shed, making tofu.

I do a lot of volunteering at the charity shop and at the café in Stockbridge – I work for Life Care, they do charity work. As now I’ve got the Ambassador’s job I’ve taken February off from voluntary work, just to see how things are getting on with my job and how much time I will have to do  volunteering.

What does it mean to you to have a job?

It means a lot of responsibility! It means I need to be at a certain place on time, not to be late. But at the same time it is very exciting, because there are so many things for me to learn.

I never thought I would get a job! I’m proud to be part of the team and earn some of my own money.

What would you like to say to get2gether’s members?

I joined get2gether a while back because I wanted to meet someone. I am still single but I have met someone and I really enjoy his company. You know, you hear about all these stories at the CAV (well, now ATIK), where people get engaged and I’m always thinking – that could be me, one day!

I would also like to encourage people to apply for an ambassador job if it comes up again, it’s really good! Also, come along to events, enjoy it when you can, get2gether is great – make the most of it!