This month we have long distance best pals John and Dylan!

How did you meet?

John: I met Dylan when he did his DJ zoom set during a get2gether DJ megamix workshop! He was very quiet at first but we got to know each other at other get2gether zoom events. Our friendship grew. He’s part of my superstar team now as well. 

Dylan: John also happens to be a rapporteur for SCLD like myself and he usually attends the in-person meetings in Glasgow as do I.

Do you spend time together outside get2gether?

J: Absolutely! Dylan has been up to Inverness four times this year! We watch marvel movies, we go for day trips and for food at McDonalds. Getting to know Dylan has been brilliant. I look forward to 2024 and coming down to Edinburgh more to spend time with Dylan. 

D:  For the past seven months I’ve been visiting him in Inverness basically every couple months, and staying over for about four-five days: Until this May, I had actually never BEEN To Inverness before either: Of course, I visited four times this year and enjoyed each visit.

What’s the best thing about your new pal? 

J: He is so down to earth. He’s very caring and kind. He absolutely loves my laughter yoga as well! 

D: I love being part of his ‘Amazing Zoom Party Superstar Team’ – John is a fantastic organiser. 

Do you want to share your friendship story? Let us know 🙂

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