This month we have best pals Dana and Nate!

How did you meet?

Nate: I met her at Project Search eight years ago back when we were interns.

Dana: Yes! We had different roles but we clicked early on. I can’t believe I brought him to get2gether where he’s made loads of friends.

Do you see each other outside get2gether?

N: I don’t see her outside Get2gether but I do have her number and I’d love to meet up. 

D: We don’t but we will! I’d like to hang out but it can take time. I enjoy speaking to him, he makes me cheery. 

What is the best thing about your friend?

N: She’s friendly, sociable and chatty. It’s easy for me to interact with her. There’s not many people like her when it comes to chatting. 

D: He’s such a lovely laddie. Great personality! And we’re both Chelsea supporters. He’s been there for me, he’s a great person.

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