For the 1st Friendship Spotlight for the upcoming New Year, we have Isla and Jason!!

How did you meet?

Jason: I met Isla at get2gether’s Big Night Out – I saw her then introduced her to myself!

Isla: We met properly at the Halloween Night Out – Jason gave me his phone number. Then when get2gether went to the Lego group at Duncan Place, we met again and it was friendship from there on!  

Do you spend time together outside get2gether?

Jason: yeah we spend time outside as well, we go to the cinema, bowling and go to the arcades

Isla: We hang out often outside get2gether! We go shopping, Jason stays over a lot. We watch TV together. 

What’s the best thing about your new pal? 

Jason: She makes me laugh and is good to talk to. We’re open and honest together.  

Isla: He’s so kind and caring and accepts me for me. He never questions who I am, he takes me as Isla and never judges me. Whenever we’re together, he knows I’m feeling down and he makes me laugh. He makes the effort to meet up with me. 

Do you want to share your friendship story? Let us know 🙂

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