From the Cav to ATIK…and staying up late!

From the Cav to ATIK…and staying up late!

Guest Blog: A conversation between Nicola, Keith and Mojca

Stay Up Late with get2gether @ ATIK!

Mojca: So, get2gether had its first club night in the totally new, refurbished CAV … pardon, ATIK!
How are we going to get used to the new name?

Nicola on the right

Nicola on the right

Nicola: We just have to stick to the new name! I thought changing the name was a good idea, just as we change themes for our get2gether club nights.

Keith on the left

Keith on the left


Keith: I think it is OK, we can get used to it; but the problem is going to be with the taxis as they know this place as the Cavendish!

Mojca: You’re right, we just need to stick with it – ATIK, how was it?

Nicola: I thought this was really good, I really like what they have done in the back room …

Keith:  … and the toilets are great, they look a bit like Harry and Potter! You know, black  and white!

Nicola: Ooh, and the chairs! You know, the big chairs and the layout, really good!Atik logo

Keith: And the highland cows –mooo!

Nicola: The short life working group could play with all of that for the theme for the Christmas club night!

Keith : That’d be cool. Perhaps something like Santa meets nature! But I’m also really looking forward to the next club night in August, which is going to be movie themed!

Mojca: And the night itself, how was the music?

Nicola: I really enjoyed the 80s,  it’s one of the best eras for dressing up!

Dressing up 80s style

Keith: It is my favourite, and I love all kinds of music from the 80s, but I really enjoyed hearing ABBA and Michael Jackson!


Mojca: What else had been happening? I have heard that Nicola, you were involved with promoting  the Stay Up Late Campaign?

Nicola: Yes on the night there were two promotion tables – one was from CREW  – who have information on alcohol, sex and drugs and the other one was about Stay Up Late with get2gether. I would like CREW to come back next time as it is important to keep safe and healthy.

Stay Up Late Card frontA lot of people came up to the Stay up Late table too, we had green cards and stickers. Green cards were very popular. The Stay Up Late campaign is for people to understand that they can stay up late – it’s their choice, and to let their support staff know if they want to stay out in a club till the end – or later! Now they can use the green card to tell their support staff that they want to stay up late.

Mojca: Keith, what do you think about this campaign?

Stay Up Late Card backKeith: Some people like to stay till the end, and some don’t, that’s OK. I think this time more people stayed up till the end than usual. People should be proud and confident to say they want to stay till the end. Next time I would like to stay till 1am! We want to party in the ATIK till 1 in the morning!


Mojca: The Reluctant Penguin Productions was also around filming on the night – did you get involved with that as well?

Nicola: Yes, Emma from the Reluctant Penguin Productions was asking people what they think about ATIK and she also asked me about Stay Up Late. I told her that it is very important that people do what they want to do. And WE WANT TO STAY UP LATE, enjoy ourselves, dance, have fun and be part of nights out at the ATIK!
I really enjoyed being filmed and I’m looking forward to seeing what people have to say, if they have any feedback or comments.

To see the footage from the club night – and interviews with Nicola, Sarah, DJ Hotwheels, DJ Andy, Carlo, Martin, Keith and Amy click on the links!

Stay up Late Nicola